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Instawalk on the 100 Castles Route
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Instawalk on the 100 Castles Route inspires influencers

Münsterland e.V. markets region via Instagram

A picture often says more than 1000 words. Especially if the motif is as beautiful as the castles and palaces in Münsterland. Twelve influencers and Instagrammers in Senden and Lüdinghausen were able to see this for themselves last Saturday (30 April). At the invitation of Münsterland e.V., they came from the Münsterland and Ruhr regions to capture the historical treasures of the region in pictures and post them on their social media channels. Camera, mobile phone and drone were in use around the clock.

"The medium Instagram with its special visual language is an opportunity and a special form of marketing," said Victoria Lennerz, Social Media Manager at Münsterland e.V. "It never ceases to amaze me that a group of people can visit the same motif and still experience and convey so many different perspectives. The resulting picture and video recordings of the influencers are never the same and always tell the motifs and their story from a different perspective."

The guests started at the Steverhalle in Senden. With two historic horse-drawn stagecoaches, they started on the 100 castles route towards Burg Vischering in Lüdinghausen. After a short guided tour, there was enough time to let the drones fly and take photos around the moated castle. A short bike ride then led to Kakesbeck Castle. During an idyllic picnic with regional food from the Münsterland seal, the participants were enthralled by a short magic show - a foretaste of the magic school that will soon be built there. The day ended at Senden Castle.

"With the Instawalk on the 100 Castles Route, we want to show that there are many beautiful photo motifs even on short routes. In addition, there was an exclusive impression of the projects that are currently in the middle of the renovation process. Kakesbeck Castle and Senden Castle impressively show how much work is being done by the community of patrons and the Münsterland love of the supporters of both castles," said Lennerz.

And the participants appreciated it: "I was particularly fascinated by the ride in the historic stagecoaches through the beautiful nature of Münsterland, a great experience," enthused Peter Schwabe from the Instagram channel @picture_by_peter.

Also taking part were @david_kolkmann_photo, @kimboopictures, @monariew, @herr.meisen, @tobias_herrmann_, @muensterinbildern, @cori_explore, @reisefunken, @picture_by_peter,, @muenstermagazin, @kreiscoesfeld. These channels have a total reach of 48,566 followers. The Instawalk was accompanied by the accounts of Münsterland e.V. (@muensterland.dasguteleben and @muensterland) and that of the Münsterland seal (@muensterland_siegel).

The Instawalk is financed as part of the ERDF funding project "Palaces and Castles Region Münsterland", which was initiated and is being implemented by Münsterland e.V. and the four districts as well as the city of Münster as part of Regionale 2016.

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