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Münsterland companies in action against Corona: Enabling Networks Münsterland presents impressive examples

Air filters in the fight against viruses, respiratory masks for better protection in everyday life, important research on the use of medicines: many Münsterland companies, universities and networks demonstrated drive and innovative spirit during the Corona pandemic and thus supported the region and the state in various ways in coping with the crisis. The joint project Enabling Networks Münsterland has collected impressive examples and recently started presenting them at

"The crisis has shown: Business, science and our networks in Münsterland are resourceful, responsive and show solidarity. Their products, innovative services and remarkable research were and are significant in the fight against the pandemic. We want to make this visible with these Innovation Stories," emphasises Klaus Ehling, board member of Münsterland e.V..

The innovations affect numerous sectors and areas: For example, some companies have produced special air purifiers that can be used in schools, offices or even at home. Many were and are also active in the production of medical masks and have, among other things, investigated and developed processes with which used masks can be reused. Questions of general hygiene with regard to fever measurement and hand disinfection have also led companies to become innovative. PCR and antibody tests made in Münsterland are now also available. Scientists at the WWU Münster are also researching drugs against corona and the possible use of an already approved active substance.

Many companies sought cooperation with other actors from the region in product development. "The stories make it clear how important networking and cooperation between business, science and networks is," emphasises project member Sonja Raiber, who compiled the innovations surrounding the Corona pandemic. "Thus, it was possible to clear hurdles during the Corona pandemic - for example, in the area of approval, payment and promotion of development activities for antigen, PCR and antibody tests or in arranging contacts with the ministries concerned." In addition, the Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland network, together with other players, has developed the online platform "GeWi vs. Corona", which has brought together companies from the health industry seeking and offering help.

The stories thus fit in with the other reports that the Enabling Networks Münsterland project has compiled in recent months at and supplemented with further stories. The 20 or so stories currently published present particularly innovative ideas from the Münsterland region, many of which have been launched as cooperation projects. Münsterland e.V. publicises these stories through its media channels and plans to professionally film a selection of them.

All innovation stories are available at

The project team will gladly accept suggestions for further innovative stories from the region by email to

More about Enabling Networks Münsterland

As a regional joint initiative, Enabling Networks Münsterland has been supporting companies and universities in the Münsterland region since the start of the project in September 2019 in developing innovations, implementing them and finding the right partners for the project. The project consists of two packages of measures: The establishment and implementation of the Münsterland think tanks and technology scouting. The Münsterland think tanks bring together members from business, science and networks who work together to come up with ideas that can be used to further develop the region's innovation competences. In technology scouting, five technology scouts are created to support companies in the development of new innovations. In order to show how innovative and at the same time cooperative the Münsterland region already is, the project has also gone in search of innovative cooperation projects from the region under the heading "Innovation Stories", which it is now presenting to the public.

The project network with Münsterland e.V. as lead partner consists of the business development agencies of the Münsterland districts and the Münster Technology Promotion Agency as well as the transfer offices of the regional universities and five specialised institutions that drive innovation in their sectors. The project is funded by the European Union and the NRW Ministry of Economics as part of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW".

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