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RennFietsen Tour 2019
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Great fundraising success: RennFietsen Tour Münsterland collects 32,000 euros for a good cause

MÜNSTERLAND. 32,000 euros: That is the proud sum that 35 participants in the eleventh RennFietsen Tour Münsterland cycled for a good cause. Yesterday, after more than 600 kilometres in four days, the athletes crossed the finish line with satisfaction at Münster Castle. The record sum will be donated to the AGAPEDIA foundation and the network.

"I am impressed that for eleven years we have always been able to raise a large sum and donate everything 100 per cent," emphasises tour leader Joachim Wechner. "And the route is still always something special. In Münsterland, there is simply a good infrastructure combined with beautiful scenery."

The racing cyclists started last Thursday at Münster/Osnabrück airport. Via the stage towns of Sendenhorst and Ostbevern, the cyclists finally reached the finish in Münster. There they were warmly welcomed by families, sponsors and the public yesterday.

"All in all, we have already collected 282,000 euros with eleven RennFietsen tours and 6,600 kilometres ridden," Michael Kösters, general representative of Münsterland e.V., summed up. "That is an enormous sum that all participants can be really proud of."

The AGAPEDIA foundation was founded in 1995 by Jürgen Klinsmann and sets up projects to support children in need. It also supports the network, which is active in the fight against child prostitution and child pornography.

The many volunteers of the charity tour, the stage locations as well as the patrons and sponsors with innogy SE as the main sponsor make it possible that one hundred percent of the money can be donated.

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