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RennFietsen Tour Münsterland
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Charity ride for children in need
RennFietsen Tour Münsterland

RennFietsen Tour Münsterland 2023

30,000 euros for children in need - the participants of the 14th RennFietsen Tour Münsterland from 18 to 21 May 2023 "raked in" this proud result. A big thank you to all donors, sponsors and the stage locations Greven, Tecklenburg-Brochterbeck and Wallenhorst who contributed to this great success.

Make a note: The 15th RennFietsen Tour Münsterland will take place from 9 to 12 May 2024.

RennFietsen Tour Münsterland

The aim of the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland is to help children in need. The popular charity ride supports the two aid organisations Stiftung AGAPEDIA and The tour is organised by the cyclists of Team AGAPEDIA Münsterland and Roter Keil Senden in cooperation with Münsterland e.V..

100 percent of the "experienced" money goes to the supported organisations. The fact that the money can be donated in full is thanks to the many volunteers, patrons and sponsors who make the realisation of the tour possible in the first place through donations in kind and money as well as their tireless personal commitment. Since 2009, innogy has been the main sponsor of the Tour.

That's what drives us!

Guiding principle and goal

People and projects

The RennFietsen Tour Münsterland creates the basis for projects to support needy and distressed children. The participants of the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland turn this basis into their own projects.

Our guiding idea

Through the numerous projects of the participants, a large number of people should be sensitised to the topic of children in need, in order to change children's fates.
Children in need should be helped and their social development supported.

Our goal for the RennFietsen Tour:

Every kilometre cycled is "sold" for the amount of 1 € per kilometre.

Are you in?

Questions for you:

  • Do you want to make the RennFietsen Tour guiding idea your own?
  • Do you want to inspire people with your project for the idea of the RennFietsen Tour?
  • Do you want to make the RennFietsen Tour your goal and "sell" your kilometres for 1 Euro each?
  • Can you manage to cycle up to 150 kilometres on your racing bike in one day?


And what happens if you don't reach your goal?

Then be proud of what you have achieved for children in need. We would like to welcome you to the Tour 2024 and are happy about your success together with you. Set yourself a new goal for 2024, let yourself be inspired by the projects of the other participants and be there again when, around Ascension Day 2024, the motto is: "Münsterland helps children in need".

For this you donate

This road bike charity stage ride supports the projects AGAPEDIA and 100% of the donations will be forwarded. All organisational work and administrative costs are covered by voluntary work, sponsors and patrons.

What do the two projects mentioned stand for? What work is done there? Where do the donations go? All information on this can be found in our two donation projects


AGAPEDIA Foundation AGAPEDIA Foundation
© Stiftung Agapedia

AGAPEDIA is the foundation established by Jürgen Klinsmann in 1995 to set up projects to support needy and suffering children. AGAPEDIA's work includes advising, planning, organising and implementing humanitarian projects with the aim of directly helping affected children and supporting social developments through sustainable projects.

In addition to a project in Germany, AGAPEDIA is particularly involved in Eastern Europe, as many abandoned infants and children live in these countries due to the poor economic situation combined with high unemployment. AGAPEDIA is now active in many countries as a registered foundation with its own local staff teams. The administrative costs of the foundation are borne by the founding members of AGAPEDIA and from the income of Jürgen Klinsmann's foundation assets.
© is a network to combat child prostitution, child pornography and any kind of sexual violence, which was founded in 1999 by the then chaplain and now deputy vicar general Dr. Jochen Reidegeld and has grown steadily since then.

The network consists of a large number of committed people with the common goal of countering the crime of organised child abuse with a movement.

The network works on a voluntary, non-denominational and party-politically independent basis. In organisational terms, the Red Wedge Network consists of a total of five local groups in Olfen, Greven, Senden, Bottrop and Dortmund and the foundation. The network receives support from numerous celebrities, such as Sebastian Kehl (footballer), Ingrid Klimke (dressage rider), Helene Fischer (singer) Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (former Bundestag President), Gabis Köster (actress), Ernesto Cardenal (theologian and politician).

Donations - made very simple

Road cycling for a good cause - that is the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland. Whether actively as a rider, with a donation or in support as a sponsor, become active and help us to support children in need.

Of course, you can also do something for a good cause without riding along.

Donation account

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