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Home delivery in times of Corona.
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The Münsterland delivers

Region-wide platform offers quick help to traders and restaurateurs

MUNSTERLAND. Even in times of Corona, the people of Münsterland remain energetic and immediately switch to crisis management mode. For retailers and restaurateurs who have to close their shops for the time being, Münsterland e.V. offers a free platform at to offer their services and goods briefly and concisely and to be found by many customers.

"In many towns and communities there are already various delivery services offered by regional businesses and companies. We want to advertise them so that as many people as possible can access them," says Klaus Ehling, board member of Münsterland e.V. "The aim is to offer people a Münsterland-wide and quick overview of the places where they can have which goods delivered to their homes. Because people might not only want to look at what offers are available for themselves, but also quickly for their parents or grandma and grandpa."

Münsterland e.V.'s call is directed at all retailers, businesses, restaurateurs, craft businesses or delivery services whose goods represent added value for private households, such as food, prepared meals, drinks, gardening supplies, books, sporting goods and much more. Interested parties can enter their offer on the platform via a Google form, which can be found at

"We hope that the site will quickly fill up with offers. After all, ordering and delivering goods not only offers advantages for people who can't leave the house, but also for traders to get over large losses in sales," emphasises Klaus Ehling.

The campaign of Münsterland e.V. is supported by the Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband Westfalen e.V. (DEHOGA Westphalia), the business development agencies in the Münsterland, the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Münster Chamber of Trade and the Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V.

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Eva Stannigel
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Eva Stannigel

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