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Welcome to Münsterland: UKM and Service Onboarding@Münsterland support international nursing professionals in their arrival

New job, new colleagues, new region: the first days and weeks are not only an exciting but also a challenging time for the international nursing staff of Münster University Hospital. To make their arrival in Münsterland easier, the Onboarding@Münsterland service supports the UKM in the familiarisation days with the new professionals and brings them closer to the region and its people. On Tuesday (12 April), the third welcome day this year took place, jointly organised by the UKM and the service.

"The Onboarding Service provides us with committed and exemplary support in not only integrating the professionals professionally, but also bringing them closer to their new home in Münster and the surrounding area," emphasises Hedwig Jeiler, integration specialist at UKM. Since autumn 2021, the UKM has already welcomed more than 45 international nursing professionals, and 100 more are expected this year. As a member of the employer network Onboarding@Münsterland des Münsterland e.V., UKM benefits from the support of the welcome service. "We are very pleased to be a member of the AG network, as this always results in valuable contacts and interesting professional exchanges. Experiencing in discussions that the issue of the shortage of skilled workers does not only affect the nursing profession helps a lot to broaden one's view beyond one's own radius and to constantly develop our department further," says Angelika Maase, Head of the Nursing Development Unit at UKM. More than 121 companies and institutions are now part of the network.

Eva Kleingräber from the Onboarding@Münsterland service team adds: "The shortage of skilled workers in the nursing sector in particular is enormous and the UKM is helping to alleviate it with its commitment. It is all the more important to us to welcome the newcomers to Münsterland in an appreciative manner and to give them a good feeling about their new place of work and life. This way, at best, the skilled workers not only want to come to Münsterland, but also stay here in the long term."

During the three days of getting to know each other, the new professionals first went on a guided tour of Münster and then had lunch together - either at the Aasee, at 1648 above the roofs of Münster, or at an Italian restaurant. In the process, the new Münsterlanders not only learned more about the region, but also got to know each other better and made new contacts. As a welcome gift, the service handed over a bag with information material about Münsterland.

The professionals come from countries such as Albania, Vietnam, Colombia and Mexico. Before their trip, they already took part in a German language course in their respective countries, followed by a language stay of several weeks in Stuttgart. In addition, they receive cultural training on living and working in Germany both in the language course and in lessons at the UKM. This was also the path of Flora Elezaj, who has now moved from Albania to Münsterland. "I am very happy that we have been so warmly welcomed from the very beginning and that we receive a lot of support. The UKM helps us, for example, with recognition issues and dealing with the authorities. But the warmth and helpfulness of the people of Münsterland is also good. I am really looking forward to my work at the UKM Eye Clinic and to my future colleagues," emphasises the 24-year-old. She is now starting her job as a nursing assistant at the UKM Eye Clinic.

More about the Onboarding@Münsterland service

The Onboarding@Münsterland service was created as a regional initiative of employers and economic actors in the Münsterland region and is implemented by Münsterland e.V. with the support of numerous institutions in the region. The service supports employers in employer branding and location marketing as well as skilled workers in arriving, feeling good and staying in the region.

Employers can become members of the network and thus secure a variety of advantages: more visibility, support in location marketing, exclusive networking and professional events and a personal advisory service for applicants. In addition, new employees and other newcomers to the region can make exciting contacts at welcome events.

Professionals and employers can find out even more about the Onboarding@Münsterland service online at and from Monika Leiking,, 02571 949315.

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