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Polo, Horsepower & Picnic
Polo Picnic Münster

The Polo Picnic

Polo, horsepower and picnics. Polo is considered a marginal sport in most regions. But in Münster, this action-packed event has a cult factor and it's hard to imagine life without it. In 2021, the summer event will take place in Münster for the 18th time. But there is also a lot going on on the sidelines. There, picnicking spectators sit on their blankets and marvel at the hustle and bustle while enjoying a picnic they brought along. Enjoy this very special event in Münsterland and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere.

Bring your own polo picnic!

24 July to 25 July 2021

At the 18th polo picnic in Münster-Handorf, it was once again time to grab picnic baskets, blankets and bottle coolers and head to the edge of the field. But the gripping game of polo can also be watched over a simple slice and a shandy from the bicycle bag. Understood quite correctly: Bringing your own picnic is expressly encouraged! If something is missing, you still have the opportunity to stock up your picnic basket on the polo picnic grounds. Find a place in the large picnic area and enjoy the very special ambience and the good mood of the spectators again in 2021.

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