Symphony of the Stallions - Event in Münsterland
Symphony of stallions at the Warendorf State Stud
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Dreamlike melodies and dancing horses
Symphony of the Stallions

Symphony of the Stallions

Impressive performances and an open-air concert hall. 30 horses dance to the beat of the music and present their skills with demanding shows and spectacular levades and capers. The Symphony of the Stallions from 26-27 August 2022 is an impressive performance at the Warendorf State Stud. The stallions will be accompanied by the orchestra of the Cologne Chamber Opera. You can expect a listening pleasure with melodies from world-famous musicals. The historic stables and outdoor facilities of the stud, which are artfully illuminated after dark, provide a dreamlike backdrop. On both days of the event, guests of the Symphony of the Stallions have the opportunity to enjoy the idyllic grounds and the unique atmosphere of the listed building.

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