Open Sundays in Münsterland with the best events
Sundays open Münsterland
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Sundays open in Münsterland

Sundays open in Münsterland

Open Sundays take place in the towns and cities of Münsterland, embedded in the most beautiful events. Enjoy street festivals, city festivals and many other events and find the best deals in town. The shops are usually open from 13:00 to 18:00 on sales-open Sundays

Sundays open in February

13.02.2022 in Telgte with Telgte Light Traces 

Sundays open in March

13.03.2022 in Stadtlohn with Stadtlohn blooms13.03.2022 in Ochtrup with Ochtrup makes fit
27.03.2022 in Rheine with "Rheine mobile - off into spring27.03.2022 in Heek with Bunny Sunday

Sundays open in April

03.04.2022 in Oelde with Spring Experience Day03.04.2022 in Coesfeld with Spring Festival
03.04.2022 in Werne with Genussfrühling (enjoyment spring)03.04.2022 in Neuenkirchen with Neuenkirchen springtime
03.04.2022 in Gescher with Gescher blooms up03.04.2022 in Borken with Easter market
10.04.2022 in Rhede with May Sunday10.04.2022 in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt with market criers
10.04.2022 in Vreden with local heritage day10.04.2022 in Lengerich with Lengericher Lenz
10.04.2022 in Sassenberg-Füchtorf with Asparagus Spring24.04.2022 in Gronau-Epe with spring festival
24.04.2022 in Ibbenbüren with Ibbenbüren bruimmt24.04.2022 in Lüdinghausen with Lüdinghauser Frühling (spring festival)
24.04.2022 in Steinfurt-Borghorst with Brunnenfest (fountain festival)24.04.2022 in Sadtlohn with Stadtlohner Frühling (spring festival)
24.04.2022 in Bocholt with Bocholt Blossoms and Oldtimer Festival24.04.2022 in Ochtrup with Ochtrup Spring Fun
24.04.2022 in Billerbeck with book market24.04.2022 in Wettringen with village festival
24.04.2022 in Beckum with street music festival 

Sundays open in May

08.05.2022 in Gronau with Jazz Festival08.05.2022 in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt with Creative Market
08.05.2022 in Neuenkirchen with Motor Classics15.05.2022 in Lengerich with Holland Market
15.05.2022 in Telgte with town festival15.05.2022 in Greven with May Festival
22.05.2022 in Oelde with street music festival 

Sundays open in June

12.06.2022 in Ahlen with Ahlen City Festival19.06.2022 in Billerbeck with Gans Billerbeck
26.06.2022 in Gescher with town festival 

Sundays open in July

03.07.2022 in Rhede with hobby flea market 

Sundays open in September

04.09.2022 in Warendorf with Fiesta Championata04.09.2022 in Steinfurt-Borghorst with Pig Market
04.09.2022 in Borken with town festival04.09.2022 in Beckum with "Pütt-Tage" town festival
11.09.2022 in Telgte with Kimres and Maria birth market18.09.2022 in Lüdinghausen with town festival
18.09.2022 in Ochtrup with Leineweber Sunday18.09.2022 in Stadtlohn with Stadtlohn Autumn
18.09.2022 in Greven with city festival18.09.2022 in Gronau with City Festival
18.09.2022 in Ahlen with 44th Ahlen Pöttkes and Töttken Market18.09.2022 in Billerbeck with city festival
18.09.2022 in Heek with Kreuzerhöhung (Exaltation of the Cross)25.09.2022 in Gronau-Epe with Michaelmas market
25.09.2022 in Bocholt with Bokeltsen Treff25.09.2022 in Emsdetten with Emsdetten September
25.09.2022 in Beckum-Neubeckum with Apple Festival25.09.2022 in Gescher with straw market

Sundays open in October

02.10.2022 in Telgte with Harvest Festival Market02.10.2022 in Ibbenbüren with "Tolle Knolle
02.10.2022 in Neuenkirchen with Pumpkin Festival09.10.2022 in Oelde with Autumn Experience Day
09.10.2022 in Gronau with autumn fair09.10.2022 in Lengerich with Roman market
16.10.2022 in Stadtlohn with Kiepenkerl Sunday09.10.2022 in Rhede with Clump Sunday
09.10.2022 in Velen with town festival09.10.2022 in Vreden with Hamaland Day
16.10.2022 in Warendorf with fat market23.10.2022 in Coesfeld with Ursula Sunday
16.10.2022 in Rheine with Autumn Fair23.10.2022 in Werne with Sim-Jü
30.10.2022 in Ochtrup with Pottbäckermarkt30.10.2022 in Borken with Remigius Sunday

Sundays open in November

06.11.2022 in Bocholt with Light Sunday06.11.2022 in Rheine with St. Martin's Market
06.11.2022 in Heek with Lantern Sunday06.11.2022 in Lüdinghausen with Potato Festival
06.11.2022 in Greven with Martinus Market06.11.2022 in Sasenberg with All Saints' Market
13.11.2022 in Werne with Martinus Market27.11.2022 in Gescher with Christmas magic
27.11.2022 in Lengerich with nativity scene market27.11.2022 in Borken with Christmas market
27.11.2022 in Billerbeck with Christmas market 

Sundays open in December

04.12.2022 in Gronau-Epe with Christmas market04.12.2022 in Drensteinfurt with Christmas market
04.12.2022 in Warendorf with Warendorf Christmas cookies04.12.2022 in Neuenkirchen with Sterntaler market
04.12.2022 in Emsdetten with shooting star market04.12.2022 in Beckum with Christmas market
11.12.2022 in Telgte with Telgte three-tone market11.12.2022 in Rheine with St. Nicholas procession
11.12.2022 in Stadtlohn with Christmas market11.12.2022 in Ibbenbüren with ibb's Christmastime
11.12.2022 in Vreden with historical Advent market11.12.2022 in Gronau with Christmas market
11.12.2022 in Bocholt with Christmas market 
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