Sundays open Münsterland
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Sundays open in Münsterland

Sundays open in Münsterland

Open Sundays are embedded in the most beautiful events in the towns and cities of Münsterland. Enjoy street festivals, city festivals and many other events and find the best offers in town. The shops are usually open from 13:00 to 18:00 on open Sundays.

Sundays open in March

14.03.2021 in Stadtlohn with Stadtlohn blossoms | cancelled

21.03.2021 in Südlohn with Josefsmarkt | cancelled

21.03.2021 in Nordkirchen with Hollandmarkt | cancelled21.03.2021 in Borken with Easter market
21.03.2021 in Dülmen with spring market28.03.2021 in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt with market criers | cancelled
28.03.2021 in Rheine with Rheine Mobil | cancelled

Sundays open in April

11.04.2021 in Werne with Auto- und Modefrühling | cancelled18.04.2021 in Stadtlohn with Stadtlohner Frühling | cancelled
18.04.2021 in Rhede with May Sunday | cancelled25.04.2021 in Südlohn-Öding with May Mile | cancelled
25.04.2021 in Steinfurt-Borghorst with Brunnenfest | cancelled25.04.2021 in Wettrngen with village festival | cancelled

Sundays open in May

02.05.2021 in Haltern am See with camping, caravan and automobile exhibition | cancelled 02.05.2021 in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt with creative and craft market | cancelled
02.05.2021 in Tecklenburg with geranium market "Viva Gerania" | cancelled09.05.2021 in Senden with May festival | cancelled
09.05.2021 in Gronau with Jazzfest | cancelled

16.05.2021 in Greven with May Festival | cancelled

30.05.2021 in Velen-Ramsdorf with Walburgismarkt | cancelled30.05.2021 in Legden with Abbesses' Day

Sundays open in June

06.06.2021 in Beckum-Neubeckum with town festival06.06.2021 in Isselburg with town festival

Sundays open in July

04.07.2021 in Rhede with hobby flea market25.07.2021 in Metelen with Old Town Fair

Sundays open in August

15.08.2021 in Ahlen with city festival

Sundays open in September

05.09.2021 in Beckum with Pütt Days05.09.2021 in Haltern am See with local festival
05.09.2021 in Steinfurt-Borghorst with pig market05.09.2021 in Borken with town festival
05.09.2021 in Tecklenburg with linen and crafts market12.09.2021 in Wettringen with autumn festival
12.09.2021 in Legden with plum festival12.09.2021 in Telgte with market of the birth of the Virgin Mary
12.09.2021 in Dülmen with potato market12.09.2021 in Tecklenburg with wine festival
19.09.2021 in Stadtlohn with Stadtlohn Autumn19.09.2021 in Gronau with town festival
19.09.2021 in Wadersloh potato market19.09.2021 in Ahlen with Pöttkes and Töttken markets
19.09.2021 in Lienen with sunflower market19.09.2021 in Legden with Dahli Village Market
19.09.2021 in Greven with City Festival19.09.2021 in Lüdinghausen with Old Town Market and Art in the Park
26.09.2021 in Gronau Epe with Michaelmas Market 

Sundays open in October

10.10.2021 in Steindurt-Burgsteinfurt with harvest festival market10.10.2021 in Dülmen with Viktrokirmes
10.10.2021 in Rhede with Klumpensonntag (Clump Sunday)10.10.2021 in Velen with Kolle Kaermes
17.10.2021 in Stadtlohn with Kiepenkerl Sunday17.10.2021 in Rheine with autumn fair
24.10.2021 in Werne with Sim-Jü24.10.2021 in Metelen with fat market
31.10.2021 in Borken with autumn market31.10.2021 in Südlohn-Öding with autumn mile

Sundays open in November

07.11.2021 in Haltern am See with Goose Market07.11.2021 in Wettringen with St. Martin's Market
07.11.2021 in Raesfeld with Kappesmarkt

07.11.2021 in Rheine with St. Martin's market

07.11.2021 in Sendenhorst with Martinmas Goose Market07.11.2021 in Greven with Martinus Market
07.11.2021 in Lüdinghausen with potato festival14.11.2021 in Werne with Martinus Market
28.11.2021 in Bocholt with Christmas Market28.11.2021 in Lienen with Christmas Market
28.11.2021 in Isselbrug-Anholt with Advent market 

Sundays open in December

05.12.2021 in Haltern am See with St. Nicholas Market05.12.2021 in Beckum with Christmas Market
05.12.2021 in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt with St. Nicholas Market05.12.2021 in Dülmen with Dülmener Winter
05.12.2021 in Lienen-Kattenvenne with Christmas Market12.12.2021 in Steinfurt-Borghorst with Christmas Market
12.12.2021 in Gronau with Christmas Market12.12.2021 in Ahlen with Ahlen Advent
12.12.2021 in Werne with Christmas Market12.12.2021 in Rheine with St. Nicholas procession
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