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The Austermann farm shop in Warendorf in Münsterland
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Hofladen Austermann: Green specialities with a difference

Here, everything revolves around cucumbers: When the cucumber harvest has begun on the Austermann farm in Warendorf , the family is at work around the clock. Because the young vegetables are still picked by hand - seven days a week. The green vegetable is the Austermanns' hobbyhorse, and countless jars of cucumbers are on their shelves in the farm shop. Sometimes refined with pineapple and sugar, sometimes with wild garlic and turmeric. In addition, the family grows all kinds of other vegetables and herbs on their 100 hectares of farmland in Warendorf. And when selling in the farm shop, they attach particular importance to one thing: sustainability.

Special features in the farm shop
  • Cucumber specialities from our own harvest
  • Unpacked corner
  • Open production kitchen
  • Preserves such as soups and stews
  • Gift hampers
  • Self-service café

A matter close to our hearts: sustainability

"This is simply a matter of the heart for me," says Johanna Austermann, who at 29 is the boss of the farm shop. That's why the fresh fruit and vegetables go into her customers' bags without packaging. She has also set up a corner in the shop where pasta, rice, muesli and many other products can be filled in containers that customers have brought with them. The same goes for vinegar, oil, tea and sweets. And those who want to buy meat or cheese at the fresh produce counter can bring their own container directly. "Because if everyone makes a small contribution, the environment is already helped a lot," the 29-year-old thinks. That's why all of the shop's own products are offered in glass jars. This no longer includes only pickled gherkins - pesto, sauces, dips, mustard, soups or stews are also available.

Shopping as an experience

This goes down well. "We have many regular customers who come to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables." For most guests, a visit to the farm shop is more than just a purchase. It is a little experience, says Johanna Austermann: "Many people come to us as an excursion, because we are right on the Ems cycle path." The children can let off steam in the playground, and food is available in the small self-service café area. "And thanks to our open production kitchen, guests can watch us baking or making jam.

In any case, the woman from Münsterland has found that people are attaching more and more importance to regional and sustainable food and also like to pick up the wooden spoon themselves - "especially in Corona times", as she says. The Austermanns provide them with all kinds of inspiration for the kitchen at home. They include their many recipes directly with the products - from strawberry punch to asparagus pockets or wild garlic pesto.

Your visit to the Austermann farm shop

Hofladen Austermann
Neuwarendorf 24
48231 Warendorf

Opening hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sundays: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Your way to the farm

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