Open-air theatres in the Münsterland
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Open-air theatres in the Münsterland

Open-air theatres in the Münsterland

In the midst of beautiful nature, the open-air theatres in the Münsterland delight with great drama in the open air. From May to September you can see loud, colourful, small and big heroes, good and bad characters in Tecklenburg, Werne, Billerbeck, Coesfeld, Greven and Oelde. In addition to absolute children's classics such as Robin Hood, the Little Ghost or the Little Witch, the Münsterland open-air theatres also offer rarely performed plays: Cornelia Funke's Igraine Ohnefurcht performs its magic on the boards, while the Conference of the Animals meets on the next stage. Young and old detectives can solve the trickiest cases with Sherlock Holmes or experience the great musical. So pack your seat cushions and let's go!

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