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Magical moments for young and old
Open-air stage Greven-Reckenfeld

Open-air stage Greven-Reckenfeld

The stage of the Münsterländische Freilichtspiele Greven-Reckenfeld is idyllically situated in a wood in the north of Münsterland. 720 visitors can sit in the covered tiers from row 10 onwards and have the best view of the various programmes of the Freilichtspiele Greven-Reckenfeld.
Performances with heart and passion. As with most open-air theatres in the Münsterland region, the Münsterland open-air theatre Greven-Reckenfeld depends on the many invisible volunteers in the background.

The open-air stage in Greven inspires not only adults

The Greven-Reckenfeld open-air stage looks forward to visitors young and old. Traditionally, there is a children's play, but it also delights adults and awakens childhood memories. In the evening performances there are changing shows with lots of music and entertainment. The open-air theatre Greven-Reckenfeld is a destination for young and old.

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Busy hands for imaginative costumes

When the performances at the Freilichtbühne Greven-Reckenfeld have their premiere, most of the work is already done for the costume tailors. The costumes are literally tailored to fit the actors. This is the only way the actors can fully concentrate on their performance. From January onwards, countless hours are spent measuring, sewing and altering.

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