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Billerbeck open-air stage
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The green theatre in the heart of Münsterland
Billerbeck open-air stage

Billerbeck open-air stage

The Billerbeck open-air stage is located in the picturesque Billerbeck Weihgarten. The stage is nestled in the gentle hills of the Baumberge and can accommodate 850 visitors. The stage area is located in a former sandstone quarry and is surrounded by a deciduous forest. The rising rows of seats allow a good view of the stage from all seats.

Tradition for more than 70 years

Since 1950, the open-air stage has captivated visitors with lovingly staged plays for children and adults. Every year in summer, one play for children and one for adults are performed on the large natural stage. The actors and actresses usually take the hearts of the audience by storm. Imaginative costumes, wonderful stage sets and the enthusiasm of the actors and act resses make a visit a real experience.

Even in winter you don't have to miss out on the great pleasure. Plays for children and adults are also performed on the studio stage during the cold season. The "Bühnenheim" provides for your physical well-being.


You can find the current programme of the Freilichtbühne Billerbeck on their website.

The open-air stage to listen to

Since January 2021, the Freilichtbühne Billerbeck has been publishing a podcast. Here, the team would like to "give the voluntary work a stage". Guests from all kinds of associations are invited to give you a look behind the scenes. You can listen to the podcast "Die Bühne fragt..." on Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer.

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4 Tips for the Open Air Stage

  • How can you recognise Billerbeck from afar? That's right: Billerbeck Cathedral. A visit to the mighty Ludgerus Cathedral is a must.
  • For nature fans, the Baumberge are just the thing. Here the "typical Münsterland" park landscape shows itself from its most beautiful side.
  • The Kolvenburg in Billerbeck is a listed small moated castle and dates from the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • A few kilometres outside the town is the Gerleve Monastery. A building worth seeing!

The Münsterlandblog

The School of Magical Animals The School of Magical Animals
© Carsten Kottke Laer
We have tested the Freichlichtbühne Billerbeck for you

Together with his son, our colleague Lars Krolik went to see the play "The School of Magical Animals". You can find out what he has to say about the play and the Billlerbeck open-air theatre in general in his article on the MünsterlandBlog. He also has a few ideas for what else you can do in Billerbeck. It's worth reading!

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