Witte Venn in Ahaus | Nature experience in Münsterland
Witte Venn in Ahaus
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Unique "borderline experiences
The Witte Venn

Witte Venn in Ahaus

Discover one of the beautiful recreational areas in the Westmünsterland region in Ahaus: the "Witte Venn". The Venn comprises a landscape characterised by heath, moorland and grassland. The area extends over the border to the Netherlands. On the Dutch side, most of it belongs to the Natuurmonumenten Foundation; on the German side, it belongs proportionately to the district of Borken and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Unique landscape with special plant and animal species

Some habitats have been preserved in the nature reserve that are rather rare today, such as moorland forests and heaths. Special plant species such as cotton grass and marsh gentian, but also various animal species such as tree frogs and moor frogs are at home here. Rare bird species such as teals, tree hawks or corncrakes feel at home in the Fens.

A highlight, however, are the wild cattle that are kept to maintain the landscape. The animals live in a herd in the area all year round. On a circular trail (without a fence) you can marvel at the Scottish Highland cattle from close up.

Made for cycling tours

A well-developed network of paths runs through the varied moorland and floodplain landscape of the Witte Venn. The ideal means of transport in the Fens is therefore the bicycle, but of course you can also simply go for a walk or hike here.

The starting point for several circular tours of different lengths is the Haarmühle. You can find more information and maps of the tours via the following two links.

Insider Tip

Cycling in the Witte Venn Cycling in the Witte Venn
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Restaurant Haarmühle

The Haarmühle is located directly on the Witte Venn and is a suitable starting point for exploring the nature reserve. In addition to catering, the inn also offers other facilities: Bicycle rental, rowing boat trips, bird shooting or plan scale tours. There is a great playground for the little ones.

There is a large car park at the restaurant for visitors.

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