Aasee Ibbenbüren | Picnic area in Münsterland
Picnic at the Aasee Ibbenbüren
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Relaxation on the water
Picnic on the Aasee lounger

Picnic on the Aasee lounger in Ibbenbüren

Enjoy your picnic not only at, but also on the Aasee in Ibbenbüren. On the Aasee lounger, you can take your picnic break in comfort and let your eyes wander over the lake and the surrounding area. It's the perfect place for a picnic after a walk on the 2.7 km long circular path or a visit to the skate park, dirt bike facility or one of the many children's playgrounds. Pure relaxation!

The picnic area at a glance

  • Picnic area
  • Seating option
  • See
  • Destination
  • 2.7 km circular route
  • Dogs allowed

Map | Ibbenbüren

Your way to the picnic area


Hikers' car park

Ledder Str.

49477 Ibbenbüren

Coordinates: 52°16'01.7 "N 7°43'52.6 "E

The way to the Aasee-Liege

If you walk around the lake to the right from the hikers' car park, you will reach the sunbathing area in about 500 metres. If you take the path to the left, you can first enjoy a walk around the lake. After about 2 km, you can enjoy your picnic on the Aasee-Liege, passing the skate park, the dirt bike facility and the Aasee Beach.


Cycling themed routes at the picnic area

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