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This is how to have the perfect picnic!
Picnic packing list

Picnic packing list - how to have the perfect picnic

What do you need for a perfect picnic, what do you have to pack? You want to get out and enjoy your home again in the next few days and are thinking about what you could do? Maybe a bike ride or a hike, or an outdoor picnic? Why decide when you can have it all. Here are the essential packing tips for your next picnic. These are the things you should definitely pack to make your picnic in Münsterland perfect.

Of course, this packing list includes the classic things you need for a summer picnic in the countryside. But have you ever tried a picnic in winter? This overview also gives you valuable tips for unusual picnics in Münsterland. Because you can always have a picnic, in summer or winter, indoors or outdoors. Have fun on your next picnic!

10 things that should not be missing at your next picnic

1. picnic blanket

You want to have a picnic and have already found the perfect place? Then spread out your picnic blanket and make yourself comfortable. A blanket that is coated on one side is best for this. Then everything is guaranteed to stay dry.

2. picnic basket, backpack or bag.

Everyone is a different picnic type. So you have to decide for yourself which transport option you prefer for your picnic: a picnic basket with cutlery, cups and plates already integrated? Or do you simply carry everything on your back or quickly and easily in your hand in a carrier bag? The choice is yours!

3. food

No picnic should be without food, otherwise it wouldn't be a picnic. Let your imagination run wild! But remember to adapt the food to the weather conditions. By the way, you can find great picnic recipes to make yourself here!

4. drinks

Delicious drinks are also part of a perfect picnic. Something cold from the cooler in high summer or warm cocoa from the thermos flask in winter? There is a suitable drink for every season.

5. napkins

In case something goes wrong, you can use napkins. Simple towels or similar are also suitable. The main thing is that it makes everything clean and can be washed out and reused.

6. bottle opener/corkscrew

Wine or a cold beer goes well with a picnic. To enjoy this, you should always have a corkscrew or bottle opener with you. But even if these useful helpers are missing, there are endless ways to open bottles. Just put your dexterity to the test!

7. sharp knife

For bread, fruit, vegetables or whatever: a sharp knife is an extremely useful tool for a picnic. After all, you want to enjoy the food in bite-sized pieces. In a pinch, your bare hands or teeth will do.

8. container for waste

The most important thing after the picnic is to leave the place as you found it. Rubbish or food leftovers belong in the rubbish bin. As this may not be available in some places, rubbish bags should also be on the packing list or other containers in which you can take the waste with you and easily dispose of it at home.

9. tableware, cutlery & cups

Of course, everything can be eaten with your hands or drunk from bottles. But to ensure that the picnic is also aesthetically pleasing, simply take crockery, cutlery and cups or glasses with you. But here too: reusable is worth more.

10. camera

A picnic is a moment of peace, of joy, a moment for friends and family. Everyone likes to think back on such moments. To capture such moments for times to come, remember to take a camera with you if you don't always have a mobile phone anyway.

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Your perfect picnic in Münsterland. Your perfect picnic in Münsterland.
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10 tips for your professional picnic

Are you already a professional picnicker? Have you already mastered the 1x1 of picnicking? We might still have a tip or two for you for your very special picnic in Münsterland:

  1. Seating, e.g. folding or deck chairs
  2. (Camping) table
  3. Parasol or umbrella
  4. Cooler bag and batteries/ thermos flask
  5. Cushion or cushion, blanket to cover yourself with
  6. Music
  7. Candles and torch
  8. Salt and pepper
  9. Games to entertain each age group
  10. Decoration
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