Homemade Christmas Card Castle | Craft Instructions
DIY Christmas Card with Castle Motif
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Craft instructions

Homemade Münsterland Christmas Card

A homemade card - there is something personal and loving about it, which is wonderful for the Christmas season. Not only is crafting fun, it's also a great activity for children. What's more, your DIY card will stand out from the rest. And what can't be missing from a typical Münsterland card? That's right: castles and palaces. With just a few materials, you can let your creativity run wild and make a great castle card. Your loved ones will certainly be delighted!


What you need
  • Stencils (available for download below)
  • two sheets of clay card in contrasting colours
  • lighter paper to write on
  • scalpel, cutter or prickle needle
  • craft glue

Craft instructions

Stencil on coloured clay paper Stencil on coloured clay paper
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  1. Print out the template (pages 2 and 3) and fix it on the cardboard.
  2. Use a scalpel or cutter to cut along all edges of the templates and the windows. (Attention - remember to use a suitable base, for example a cutting mat or thick cardboard). If you are making with a child, you can also use a prickle needle on a felt mat.
Cut out castle with light paper Cut out castle with light paper
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  1. Now you almost have a real castle made of clay cardboard! Now cut two pieces out of the writable paper that are slightly larger than the two large openings of the castle on the right and left. Place the cut-outs behind the openings and glue them to the edges with craft glue.
  2. Back the "castle" with the clay cardboard in the contrasting colour, glue it down and cut off the excess cardboard at the edges.
The map can now be written on! The map can now be written on!
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  1. Back the two cut-out side pieces (page 3) with the contrasting colour of card and glue them in place. Cut off the excess cardboard at the edges. Fold both side pieces (on the narrower side) to 1 cm and glue the resulting flap to the right and left of the "castle".
  2. The writable parts can now be filled with your Christmas greetings, vouchers or dear wishes.