Christmas in Münsterland
Christmas in Münsterland
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Contemplative magic
Christmas in Münsterland

Christmas magic in the Münsterland

Lights twinkle and glitter in all towns and cities, the scent of cinnamon, sugar and fried food is in the air and a jolly mood can be felt around every corner in Münsterland: Christmas is near. And with it, certain questions arise in your mind:

  • Where and when are the Christmas markets in the region?
  • Where can I get a nice Christmas tree?
  • And of course: What should I get my loved ones this year?

Here you will find all the answers about the Advent season in Münsterland, interesting gift ideas and other tips. Christmas can come!

Christmas markets in Münsterland

In Münsterland you will find some very special Christmas markets. Whether it's the market in the woods, at a moated castle, with a water-light show or the really big one at six different locations in the city. They all have their own unique charm and are well worth a visit.

Christmas markets in Münsterland Christmas markets in Münsterland
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Fairytale beauty
From old town flair to castle scenery
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Give away a picnic

For all those who are still missing a gift idea: How about a richly filled picnic box? Picnics are a way of life in Münsterland - and you can feel it in winter, too. The boxes are not only filled with high-quality and regional products. The pretty packaging also makes a statement. With such a huge selection, you'll find the right box for you!

Give the gift of a picnic in Münsterland Give the gift of a picnic in Münsterland
© Münsterland e.V./Foodistas
The best from the region
packed in a box
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Give away a piece of Münsterland

Products from the Münsterland collection are just the thing for people who love their homeland and castles! With the colouring book, the puzzle, spirits, postcards and a few other items, you are sure to make the recipient happy at Christmas.

Give away a Münsterland product Give away a Münsterland product
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

What can't be missing from the Christmas decorations in your living room? Quite clearly: the Christmas tree! More and more people prefer natural trees to plastic ones. After all, it's not only more sustainable, it also has something nostalgic about it. Here is a selection of great farms in the region that offer real Christmas trees.

Christmas trees in the Münsterland Christmas trees in the Münsterland
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting
Your natural tree from the farm
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DIY Christmas Card


If you want to show your anticipation of Christmas and winter on your smartphone, tablet and the like, there are wonderful wallpapers with Münsterland motifs. Take a look around!

Wallpaper Schloss Nordkirchen Wallpaper Schloss Nordkirchen
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting
Christmas and Winter Motifs
For your screen
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The Münsterlandblog

Vegetarian Winter Menu Vegetarian Winter Menu
© Münsterland e.V./Sina Wiening
Even more first-hand Christmas tips

On the MünsterlandBlog you will find tips, reports and other information about Christmas. The staff of Münsterland e.V. and some guest bloggers will test Christmas markets for you, tell you where they prefer to shop for regional Christmas gifts or put together a delicious vegetarian Christmas menu with Münsterland specialities.

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