Reitroute Emsauen Schleife | Tour tip for riders in Münsterland
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In loops through the Ems meadows
Münsterland - Riding Route

The Emsauen Loop | Tour Tip for Riders

East of Warendorf, the riding route leads along beautiful grass and sand paths. The "Emsauen loops" are very scenic and consist of two route variants. The west loop is nine kilometres long and the east loop is six kilometres long. Both loops can be easily combined with a connecting section. A special treat: two flat fords can be ridden through - but the places can also be avoided.

On the west loop, riders can explore a beautiful section of the route directly on the Ems. The trail runs along the river for three kilometres. This section is exclusively available to riders. The connecting section between the west and east loops offers a special change on a sandy path: riding through a ford through the southern valley ditch of the Ems is possible.

The east course leads along quiet riding routes past fields, meadows and the golf course. Because this route can be divided into different sections, it is also ideal for a leisurely ride in the evening to unwind and then take a leisurely break.

The Emsauen Loop at a glance

  • 15 km
  • Circuits
  • medium
  • not signposted
  • Day trip
  • Nature
  • Warendorf
  • Beelen

Note on signage

The trails of the Emsauen loops run along the signposted riding routes of the Münsterland - Reitroute. However, the tour tip is not signposted again separately. We therefore recommend using the map or the GPS track.

Insider tip

Parking at the Emsauenschleife

Riders have access to a public trail riding parking area directly on county road 18 (between the B 64 and the Ems), which also offers space for the horse trailer. There is also a tethering bar for the four-legged friends. This makes it possible to start the route quickly and in a relaxed manner.

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