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Youth survey

Youth study of the Münsterland, OstWestfalenLippe and Südwestfalen regions

The future has its say: Westphalian regions take a look at the needs, wishes and motivations of young people with youth study

Young people are our future. But how can we better involve young people in the political processes of the regions, motivate them to stay locally and help shape the regions? The three Westphalian regions of Münsterland, OstWestfalenLippe and Südwestfalen have now found answers to these questions: Thanks to a jointly conducted youth study in which almost 800 young people had their say.

The three Westphalian regions commissioned the study in summer 2019. First, they had 779 people from East Westphalia-Lippe, South Westphalia and Münsterland surveyed online. Based on this, an additional 18 boys and girls had their say in person at the beginning of 2020.

The results

Strong social bond

On the one hand, the youth study makes many positive aspects clear. According to it, young people feel comfortable in their home region and are strongly connected to it through family, friends and clubs. If at all possible, they want to stay and lead their adult lives here - preferably in a single-family house with a large garden and in a medium-sized town.

Better public transport services

On the other hand, the young people feel that, among other things, the provision of public transport needs to be improved. They would like to see more reliable and cheaper services. They also appreciate short and climate-friendly routes, especially on the way to work.

Optimistic view of the professional future

Young people are optimistic about their professional future. They trust that they will have a choice of jobs in the region. More important to them than a career and a high income, however, is that they still have time for family and hobbies in addition to work.

Loyal supporters of the region

Most young people are relaxed about leaving the region for a time because of training or studies. Many of them see it as an opportunity to gain new impressions and return to their region all the more satisfied afterwards. After all, social contact is important to them. Even as adults, they want to be close to their parents, siblings and friends. They would only leave the region if their partner was at home somewhere else.

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The detailed results are available for download in the brochure below.

The brochure for download

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