Münsterland Innovation Award | Award Winner 2017
Münsterland Innovation Award 2017
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Münsterland Innovation Award 2017

Münsterland Innovation Award 2017: The award winners

Five award winners, 15 nominated companies and 60 ideas submitted in five categories: That was the balance of the Münsterland Innovation Award 2017 under the motto "Tomorrow. Already today. Innovations make the future. The award ceremony took place in December 2017 in front of around 300 guests at Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co KG in Telgte. Learn more about the award winners.

Five winners in five categories

  • Small and smart" category: The first prize-winner of the evening will change towing in Germany with its product.Vorndieck Dienstleistungs GmbH from Ibbenbüren receives the Münsterland Innovation Award in the category "Small and Smart" with its innovation "CarCaddy". Their towing device is an ingenious invention: A high-strength aluminium alloy and matching steel components were used for its construction.
  • Category "Economy": egeplast international GmbH from Greven has shown that the plastic polyethylene (PE) not only plays a role on a small scale, but also on a very large scale. With its innovation HexelOne XXXL - high-pressure pipes made of polyethylene - the owner-managed company has developed a product that offers advantages all around: Starting with material savings, through faster production and easier handling on the construction site, to cost benefits for the customer.
  • Digital Business Models" category: With a special 3D configurator from schrankwerk.de Dickmänken GmbH in Rheine, customers can individually assemble, rotate, change and, above all, photo-realistically display their cabinets and shelves. But the innovation of the award winner in the category "Digital Business Models" can do even more: "Behind the 3D configurator is intelligent software that streamlines production processes and accelerates workflows.
  • Category "Cooperation between Business and Science": Hagemeister GmbH & Co KG from Nottuln has been producing clinker bricks for five generations - and has now set out on the path to the future in the field of renewable energies. Together with Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Civil Engineering, the company has developed an energy clinker that allows solar radiation to be used not only on the roof but also on the façade.
  • Start-up" category: The winner in the "Start-up Company" category abolishes the classic written documentation in full inpatient care. TRIALOG Medical GmbH from Münster has succeeded in creating an intelligent combination with a digital writing board and a new and specially developed software. "JUMA" goes one step further than existing products: It not only has a touch screen and built-in measuring devices, but interacts with the person operating it.

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