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Companies with innovative products can apply for the Münsterland Innovation Award.
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Münsterland Innovation Award

Münsterland Innovation Award: Five categories

Infinite diversity of ideas

Our thematically broad categories enable the most diverse groups of participants with the most varied ideas to apply for the coveted Münsterland Innovation Award.

New this year: All applicants have the chance this year to apply for the "Transformation Prize | Sustainability Impact" in addition to the categories. This prize is intended to honour particularly sustainable innovations.

New: Transformation Award

Sustainability impact

Among all applications, the innovation that achieves the highest sustainability impact will be awarded a prize. Your innovative idea makes the world a better place? Then describe in the application form, based on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), how your innovation will have a positive impact on sustainable development.

In which category do you start?


Creative products, services and processes


Is your product or your developed process particularly promising? Or do you offer special innovative services? Then you have a good chance of being awarded the Innovation Prize in the Business category. In addition to new technologies, changed methods or social business concepts can also have high innovation potential. Applications for this award are open to all companies from the Münsterland region, regardless of the sector of the economy in which they are active.

Science meets business

Networked Organisations

In particular, companies, institutions, consortia and legal entities that already cooperate with a university or research institution and produce powerful and efficient results can apply for the award in the category "Business meets Science".


New and successful

Perhaps your company or institution fits thematically into each category, but is still "new" and just about to establish itself successfully? Then you have a very good chance as a start-up company to apply for the Münsterland Innovation Award in this category. The only requirement for participation is that your company has been in existence for a maximum of five years.

Small and smart

Small company with a big idea


Clever innovations often make life easier. You are a small company and had an idea with a big impact? Then apply for the Innovation Award in the category "Small and Smart". The prerequisite for the application is a company size of less than 50 employees.

Digital business models

Future in view

Business models describe the logical functioning of a company and, in particular, the specific way in which the company generates profits. Digital business models are characterised by the fact that their value-creating activities are based on digital technologies.

The services provided are either completely digital (such as Netflix or Spotify), or linked to traditional products and services (see online mail order or online booking portals such as Airbnb). Accordingly, the changes brought about by increasing digitalisation are not necessarily about digitalising the entire business, but rather about seizing the digital transformation as an opportunity for growth and repositioning.



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