Enapter develops and produces hydrogen generators.
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Enapter designs and produces highly efficient hydrogen generators. The basis of this technology is the patented anion exchange membrane electrolysis (AEM electrolysis), with which Enapter paves the way for renewable energies.

Enapter wants to stop climate change. Currently, sun and wind provide the renewable electricity we need. But electricity alone is not enough; humans need clean fuels and gases. Energy needs to be stored for the long term - and this is where hydrogen comes in. More specifically, green hydrogen, produced by water electrolysis from renewable electricity. Enapter was founded on the conviction that green hydrogen is the solution to usher in the final phase of a global energy transition. This is because green hydrogen can be used in transport, industry and energy storage.

To make this a reality, Enapter is currently building the Enapter Campus in Saerbeck. A mass production facility for electrolysers is to be built there on around 76,000 square metres. Completion and the start of production are scheduled for 2022.

  • Energy
  • 140 employees
  • Saerbeck
  • Europe, Asia
  • A1 and A30
What Enapter offers
  • The opportunity to help shape the future of energy in a dynamic hydrogen company in the industry.
  • Remuneration in line with the market
  • A lot of responsibility and creative freedom
  • Flat hierarchies and a great team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office

Fields of study sought

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Business Administration

Entry opportunities

  • Direct entry

Jobs at Enapter

Are you interested in Enapter as an employer? Are you looking for a job in Saerbeck and the surrounding area? You want to move to Münsterland and want to know more about the company? Then take a look at Enapter's careers page and find out about vacancies:

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Contact Enapter

Enapter GmbH
Rheinhardtstr. 35
10117 Berlin
0049 30 92 100 81 30 www.enapter.com/de

Living and working in Saerbeck

How about working and living at Enapter in Saerbeck? In our location portrait of Saerbeck you can find out everything about the location, shopping facilities, childcare and housing options:

Living and working in Saerbeck

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