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The Münsterland brand is presented to the public in Speicher 10 in Münster.
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Marke Münsterland - Terms of use

Münsterland competes with other regions for investment as well as skilled workers and managers. It is of little use if only we ourselves know how good it is to work and live in our region. People outside Münsterland should also recognise this. This requires a strong brand based on strong cooperation in the region. By pooling our regional strengths, we want to present a strong brand for an attractive region with high appeal that triggers national and cross-border desirability. To this end, Münsterland has developed a professional, cross-sector brand strategy.

In principle, the use of the Münsterland brand is open to all companies and organisations which, through their work, products or services, help to raise the profile of the Münsterland as a quality brand and increase its recognition.

The Münsterland umbrella brand is a trademark protected by word and image law. The use of the brand requires authorised registration. If the trademark and its elements are used without permission, sanctions may be imposed. The conditions under which use of the trademark is permitted and when it is not permitted are governed by a set of regulations covering several pages. When registering for the trademark portal, you confirm that you have read these regulations and that you will comply with them when using the trademark.

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