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Launch event of Enabling Innovation in Münster.
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Promoting innovation with a plan
Enabling Innovation Münsterland

The funding project

Enabling Innovation was a regional collaborative project that combined the key potentials of the Münsterland in the field of innovation with the aim of structurally and sustainably improving innovation promotion and innovation marketing.

These special potentials for the Münsterland result from a pronounced regional research competence and the highly specialised, mostly medium-sized, economic structure. The focus of the project was to improve the networking of these two innovation drivers and to work together on innovations.

The project offered strategic and practical approaches to solutions that approached the different target groups from business and science from different perspectives (technology push and technology pull). Finally, the project results complemented each other to form a long-term, holistic and sustainable innovation strategy - Enabling Innovation Münsterland.

Project data

Project title Enabling Innovation Münsterland
Project partner
  • Lead partner (coordination) Münsterland e.V.
  • Technology Promotion Münster
  • Coesfeld District Economic Development
  • Economic Development Agency District of Borken
  • Steinfurt District Economic Development
  • Economic Development Agency District of Warendorf
  • AFO WWU Münster
  • Transfer Agency FH Münster
  • University of Westphalia
Total volume

2.101.177 Euro


80 % funding
Grant from the State of NRW using funds from
the European
Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014 - 2020

Implementation period 01.03.2016 – 30.03.2019
  • Networking of innovation promotion in the Münsterland region (transparency)
  • Bringing together regional research and business needs
  • Identifying fields of innovation competence
  • Targeted support of networks and key technologies
  • Location marketing "Münsterland Innovation Region
Target groups
  • Company representatives/business representatives/managing directors
  • Research and development
  • People interested in innovation
  • Coordinated regional innovation promotion strategy and benchmark
  • Joint regional projects with companies and research institutes in the innovation competence fields
  • Design and implementation of individual innovation support instruments
  • Workshops/series of events Enabling Innovation

Project partner


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