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Castle Whispers
Your listening journey to the castles and palaces region

Listening tours castles and palaces

You're ready for a holiday, but don't have time to travel at the moment? You have wanderlust, but your travel budget is exhausted? You just need five minutes off from your stressful everyday life? Or maybe you're planning your trip to Münsterland and want to prepare yourself perfectly in advance? Then we have just the thing for you:
Send your ears on a tour of discovery and take an "acoustic look" at the most magnificent buildings in Münsterland - simply from your sofa! Travel with your headphones to 20 castles and palaces in the region and get to know them from a completely new perspective: Exciting background information, gripping stories and legendary tales - straight from the horse's mouth. Now it's time to open your ears and switch on the castle whisper...

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Gravenhorst Monastery in Hörstel Gravenhorst Monastery in Hörstel
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DA, Art House Kloster Gravenhorst

This is where the past meets the modern: the DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, surrounded by moats and orchards, is truly an extraordinary place. Learn about the history of the 13th century monastery complex on this audio tour. Sara Dietrich, now director and curator of the Kunsthaus, also tells you exciting information about the art exhibitions in the house and why regionality is so important here. You will also find out what is behind the name DA.

Drostenhof Wolbeck in Münster Drostenhof Wolbeck in Münster
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Drostenhof Wolbeck

Here your senses go on a journey: Every detail of the beautiful Drostenhof is described in detail and the architectural styles found here are explained. On this exciting audio journey, you will not only learn more about the history of the building and the noble family living there, but also about the city of Münster, where the Drostenhof is located. What do the Anabaptists have to do with it? Listen in and find out...

Erbdrostenhof in Münster Erbdrostenhof in Münster
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It stands in the middle of Münster: the Erbdrostenhof. A classic baroque building that still impresses today. Tour guide Stefan Brandenberg gives you an insight into the building, where legendary festivities were once celebrated. You will also learn who commissioned the city palace and which famous architect designed it. Immerse yourself in the past and the life of the nobility of the time...

Falkenhof in Rheine Falkenhof in Rheine
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Falkenhof Museum

Hard to believe, but this former aristocratic seat in Rheine has existed for more than 1,000 years. No wonder, then, that it plays an important role in the history of the town. Today, the Falkenhof serves as a modern city museum where Westphalian aristocratic culture is brought back to life. Dr. Mechthild Beilmann-Schöner, director of the Rheine Municipal Museums, will tell you more about its significance and secrets. This also includes an archaeological spectacle in 2003.

Harkotten Manor in Sassenberg Harkotten Manor in Sassenberg
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Harkotten Manor

As part of a rare double castle complex, the neoclassical Harkotten manor house sits imposingly on a gentle rise. Freifrau Myriam von Korff opens the castle doors for you today and takes you through the history of the building and its use. Journey into the past and find out more about the estate, which has been cared for by the von Korff family since the 14th century.

House Marck in Tecklenburg House Marck in Tecklenburg
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House Marck

The moated castle of Haus Marck lies idyllically in a valley on the outskirts of Tecklenburg: a historically valuable castle without which the Peace of Westphalia might not have taken place. The estate is now privately owned and can be experienced from the inside on special occasions. Take an "acoustic look" into the interior of the monument with the lady of the house and learn what it means to live in a Münsterland moated castle.

Cultural asset Haus Nottbeck in Oelde Cultural asset Haus Nottbeck in Oelde
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Cultural asset Haus Nottbeck

On this audio tour, you can expect a private guided tour with Dirk Bogdanski, organisational director of the house, through a highlight of the castles and palaces region: get to know the cultural estate Haus Nottbeck from a special side. From the construction of the building to its current use, you will certainly learn one or two new things about the former aristocratic estate. And although this acoustic journey in and around the house is already worthwhile, your curiosity will certainly be aroused to experience Haus Nottbeck live at some point!

House Pröbsting in Borken House Pröbsting in Borken
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House Pröbsting

A historic property that is now both a private clinic and a monument. The former knight's manor, which lies on the popular Pröbstingsee lake, is today considered the oldest secular brick building in Münsterland. But only on rare occasions is it possible to take a look inside. Join Susanne Lansing on a search for historical clues: Here comes an unusual audio journey through the clinic.

House Runde House Runde
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House Runde

Haus Runde is an idyllically situated Gräftenhof in the countryside, named after one of its ladies-in-waiting. The extensive green spaces in particular make the house a real "nature boy". Join owner Inge von Olfers on an exciting journey through time and experience first-hand how the balancing act between private home and commercial event location is mastered here.

Venne House in Drensteinfurt Venne House in Drensteinfurt
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House Venne

A well-kept avenue leads to Haus Venne, which lies on the edge of the district of Warendorf. The privately owned estate can often only be enjoyed from the outside at a distance, but now landlord Adrian Dietrich invites you to put on your headphones and explore the grounds with him: This includes the baroque main house, the magnificent rococo chapel and a short walk through the park. This audio journey takes you on a very personal journey through time!

Vortlage House in Lengerich Vortlage House in Lengerich
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Vortlage House

A house like something out of an enchanted fairy tale: Haus Vortlage is a Sleeping Beauty castle rising from its slumber. It is a place of deceleration, arrival and contemplation. Let the owner Prof. Dr. Line Kossolapow tell you more about the building and work up an appetite for the delicacies at the Haus Vortlage art café. They will be waiting for you until your visit!

Ahaus Castle in Ahaus Ahaus Castle in Ahaus
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Ahaus Castle

This classic Baroque palace is located in the middle of the city: surrounded by a wide moat, it was built in its present form by the Prince Bishop of Münster in the 18th century as a magnificent summer residence. Today, Dr Volker Tschuscke, the district's municipal historian, takes you on an exciting audio journey through history and tells you captivating anecdotes from castle life in days gone by: roaring baroque festivals, princely concerts and contemporary theatre. Schloss Ahaus was a real bon vivant!

Buldern Castle in Dülmen Buldern Castle in Dülmen
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Buldern Castle

A classicist beauty smiling at you on a gentle hill overlooking the Gräfte: rarely is a sight of a building so charming - but Buldern Castle is generally not open to the public. The house is home to an international boarding school. Today, headmaster Carsten Diek opens the gates and takes you through the eventful history of the house. In addition, learn about the famous "Tollen Bomberg" on an exciting excursion with Dr. Christiane Kerrut from the Josef Winckler Museum in Rheine and fall in love with the eventful history of this unique castle.

Diepenbrock Castle Diepenbrock Castle
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Diepenbrock Castle

Diepenbrock Castle shines bright yellow from afar. The castle itself remains closed to visitors, but the adjacent castle restaurant and hotel invite you to linger. On this audio journey, learn more about the Tenhofen family, who have owned the estate since the beginning of 2022. Indulge in childhood memories, ghost stories and myths that surround the castle.

Loburg Castle in Ostbevern Loburg Castle in Ostbevern
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Loburg Castle

The magnificent moated castle designed by Johann Conrad Schlaun is now used as an episcopal boarding school and grammar school. In this special audio journey, Dr Oliver Niedostadek, the school's managing director, invites you to learn more about Loburg Castle. Experience the eventful history and get to know the Loburg from its vulnerable side: Change of ownership, fire, loss of irreplaceable cultural assets - this journey will captivate you!

Münster Castle in Münster Münster Castle in Münster
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Münster Castle

The yellow sandstone of the castle shines magnificently in the middle of the "capital" of Münsterland, the city of Münster: at first glance, today's main administrative building looks like a classic representative castle building of the French Baroque. But the late work of Johann Conrad Schlauns has plenty of exciting stories in store for you. Join Dr. Eckhard Kluth, curator of the EMU, on a journey through time from the laying of the foundation stone to the current use of the palace and the famous palace garden.

Nordkirchen Castle in Nordkirchen Nordkirchen Castle in Nordkirchen
© Münsterland e.V./Long Nong Huang
Nordkirchen Castle

The superlative palace of the palaces and castles region! It is not for nothing that the baroque three-winged complex in the French style is considered the "Westphalian Versailles". Garden expert Dr Birgit Beisch accompanies you on a private acoustic tour through the history of the impressive complex: get to know the magnificent halls of the castle, the adjacent buildings such as the Oranienburg and the park from a new perspective and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of Nordkirchen Castle.

Senden Castle in Senden Senden Castle in Senden
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Senden Castle

The most exciting building site in Münsterland presents itself with its sleeves rolled up: Come along to this moated castle from the 15th century, which is being polished back to its former glory with a lot of heart and soul, volunteer energy and professional expertise. The (construction) history of the castle and its restoration will fascinate you, and it is precisely this process that is unique in Münsterland. You have certainly never been this close to the anatomy of a castle!

Wilkinghege Castle in Münster Wilkinghege Castle in Münster
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Wilkinghege Castle

The beautiful Hotel Schloss Wilkinghege is located on the outskirts of Münster. Now embark on an interesting journey through the history of the house with the Winnecken family, who as owners not only lovingly run the hotel business, but also keep the castle character alive. From the carp breeding to an almost executed nobility meeting to the original furnishing of the castle from the 18th century: The audio journey to Wilkinghege Castle makes you want to hear more!

Asbeck Abbey in Legden Asbeck Abbey in Legden
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Asbeck Abbey

What is a free-world convent? How did the abbey ladies live in the past? And what do three months of travelling a year and a supposed mistress of Beethoven have to do with the idyllic Asbeck Abbey? Join Bernhard Laukötter and Rebecca Brüggemann, both from the Heimatverein Asbeck, on an acoustic tour through the lively monastery village and listen to exciting stories that have remained alive here to this day! Asbeck is always worth a (listening) trip!

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