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Image and text material about the Münsterland region

Are you a media representative looking for images and text material about the Münsterland? You will find what you are looking for on this page. Use our image database or the media hub with images of sights, tourist hotspots or landscapes. The images have a CC-BY-SA licence. If you are looking for texts on various Münsterland topics, you can download them here for copyright-free use.

If you are looking for special images or other text material, please contact us by phone or email at

Picture material

A picture is worth a thousand words. In our media hub you will find numerous pictures of the big and small sights in Münsterland. Romantic castles, impressive landscapes, historic marketplaces and interesting interior views. Using the search, categories and tags, you can filter the results further and further until you have found your desired image for a report on Münsterland. Please note the following terms of use:

Terms of use for the Münsterland e.V. media hub.

  • You may use the images in accordance with the licence displayed next to the image.
  • The copyright notice derived from the licence must always be given in full.
  • The copyright notice consists of the copyright details and the name of the photographer.
  • Representation of the copyright notice: owner of the copyright/name of the photographer - e.g. Münsterland e.V. / name of the photographer.
  • The copyright notice must be indicated directly on the picture, in the picture credits or in the imprint.
  • The pictures may be used in print as well as online.
  • You may not resell the images.
  • Any alienation of the images is not permitted.
  • The use of the images in pornographic or illegal contexts is expressly prohibited.
  • You may only use images from the Mediahub - any use of content from the website or other linking sites is prohibited.
  • Any use of the film and image data for defamation or disparagement of products or natural or legal persons is prohibited.
  • The images may not be used for the purpose of political election advertising.

Text material

Here you will find image texts on a number of Münsterland topics. All texts can be used for the purpose of media coverage of the region without stating a copyright. Companies and stakeholders are cordially invited to use our texts and images on their websites to position themselves in the Münsterland region and to inspire potential customers and applicants to choose Münsterland as a place to work and live.

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