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Winners have been selected: Münsterland Innovation Award honours progressive companies in the region

Among 110 applications from all over Münsterland, these five prevailed: 2G Energy AG from Heek, CLK GmbH from Altenberge, Predimo GmbH from Münster, Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG from Münster and Cargobull Telematics GmbH from Münster. Their innovations were awarded the Münsterland Innovation Award on Thursday evening at a festive awards ceremony in the SEESCHEUNE in Dülmen in front of around 300 guests. "The region can be proud of its companies," said Klaus Ehling, chairman of the organiser Münsterland e.V. "Our award winners show how diverse innovations can be, as well as the areas in which they are used. There is a lot of Münsterland energy in it. The companies bring new impulses and a breath of fresh air to the regional economy, make it strong and contribute to a good life."

Münsterland e.V. awards the Münsterland Innovation Award every two years together with the sponsors of the competition, the savings banks in Münsterland, Provinzial Versicherung AG and the energy service and infrastructure provider Westenergie AG. This year, under the motto "Together. Sustainable. Act. Münsterland thinks ahead." 16 companies were nominated in the categories "Business", "Science meets Business", "Start-up", "Small and Smart" and "Digital Business Models". The winners have now been announced:

In the "Economy" category, the Münsterland Innovation Award went to 2G Energy AG from Heek. With its innovation "Hydrogen CHP agenitor 406 H2", it was the first manufacturer in the world to succeed in 2019 in converting combined heat and power plants for operation with hydrogen instead of natural gas. This innovation is particularly designed for surplus electricity from wind and solar power, which is stored as hydrogen and can be converted back into heat and electricity by the CHP unit. "When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, this innovation is worth its weight in gold," said Heinrich-Georg Krumme, Chairman of the Board of Sparkasse Westmünsterland, in his laudatory speech. "With this, the company is bringing the region forward. And against the current background that we will probably have to make do with less gas in the future, the hydrogen block-type thermal power station gains additional relevance."

On the other hand, the award winners in the category "Science Meets Business" ensure greater safety when eating food: CLK GmbH from Altenberge has developed the "MultiCheck" in cooperation with Münster University of Applied Sciences. The camera system reliably detects foreign objects during food production. "The MultiCheck guarantees a much higher level of process reliability than previous methods. This sets it apart from the state of the art. The system also does not need its own place in the process chain, but is integrated into existing multihead weighers," praised Dr Christian Brandt, General Representative of Provinzial Versicherung AG, in his laudation. "The process developed with the FH is not a stand-alone solution, but will set a precedent - and in other sectors besides the food industry."

The award winner in the "Start-up" category also contributes to greater safety and health. Founded in 2019, the start-up Predimo GmbH from Münster has developed "ComputerMyoGrafie". A process that not only analyzes movements, but also detects the associated individual stresses. "Innovations help to ensure that our society is always allowed to take new paths for the future. This also applies to Predimo GmbH from Münster: it has developed a procedure that analyzes physical movements medically and recognizes the associated individual stresses. This is not only creative, but will hopefully also ensure less 'back, knee or hip' in the future. We wish it continued success," said Frank Knura, board representative of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost and laudator for the savings banks in Münsterland.

First place in the "Digital Business Models" category went to Cargobull Telematics GmbH from Münster, a wholly owned subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull AG. With the "TrailerConnect® Data Management Center", it has launched an infrastructure tool that ensures greater data security and transparency in the logistics industry. Laudator Katherina Reiche, CEO of Westenergie AG, explained: "Digitalization affects us all and is now more than just a buzzword. This is often associated with huge amounts of data, which must be controllable and protected. With the 'TrailerConnect® Data Management Center', freight forwarders can finally decide for themselves which data they share with whom, for example GPS or tour data. In times of important and also vulnerable supply chains, this will have an impact on the entire transport and logistics industry. An innovation that was long overdue in a positive sense." 

True to the innovation award motto "Together. Sustainable. Act.", the winner in the "Small and Smart" category was a company that deals with the safety and also longevity of e-bike batteries. The German E-Bike Akkuservice UG from Münster sustainably prevents house and garage fires due to burning batteries with its "EproSafe Akku Schutzbox". "In the meantime, almost every second bicycle that is newly purchased is an e-bike. One or the other leaves for it also gladly times the car. The battery protection box of Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG prevents the batteries from overheating or catching fire during charging. In this way, it not only saves lives if the worst comes to the worst, but also ensures that the batteries last as long as possible. A smart innovation that makes cycling even more sustainable," says Linda Klümper, Head of Innovation Management at Stadtwerke Münster GmbH. Stadtwerke will be a further sponsor for the Münsterland Innovation Award from 2023. 

All award winners receive prize money of €4,000 as well as an image or product film produced for their own company. Presenter Eva-Maria Jazdzejewski led through the award ceremony and was also active on stage with an improvisation on the topic of "Innovating in Münsterland". In addition, a short round of talks dealt with the anniversary "25 years of the working group of business promoters in Münsterland" and innovations in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Tasty food and drinks from the region were provided by Böinghoff Catering & Event GmbH. The evening ended full of Münsterland's inventive spirit, with grated cookies and lamb burgers from Lüdinghauser pasture lamb.

An overview of all 16 companies nominated for the Münsterland Innovation Award can be found at www.innovationspreis-muensterland.de.

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