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Nominees Innovation Award 2021/22
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The Nominees 2021/22

Under the motto "Together. Sustainable. Act. Münsterland thinks ahead.", 16 companies with their ideas, projects, products and models were nominated from 110 applications for the Münsterland Innovation Award 2021/22.

The prize was awarded in the following five categories:

On this page you will get an insight into the innovations of all nominated companies.

Category Economy

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Hydrogen CHP agenitor 406 H2 Hydrogen CHP agenitor 406 H2
© 2G Energy AG
2G Energy AG (Heek): "Hydrogen CHP unit agenitor 406 H2".

2G Energy AG manufactures combined heat and power units (CHP) for various gases. 2G is the first manufacturer to have succeeded in converting CHP units that previously ran on natural gas and biogas to run on 100% hydrogen, thus paving the way to climate neutrality. Particular attention has been paid to the surplus electricity from wind and solar energy, which can be stored as hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be converted back into electricity using the CHP units that have been developed. Since only water is produced as a waste product, the energy generation process is climate-friendly. Compared to natural gas, the efficiency is also higher. Technically, the company's research & development has succeeded in adapting a standard natural gas module in such a way that both production and ongoing operation (maintenance and service) are cost-sensitive. These costs are only marginally higher than those of a standard natural gas module. Another unique selling point is that every natural gas or biogas CHP delivered by 2G today can be converted for operation with hydrogen at a later date.

Recycling of building materials for high-quality structures Recycling of building materials for high-quality structures
© Betonwerk Büscher GmbH & Co. KG
Betonwerk Büscher GmbH & Co. KG, Büscher Group of Companies (Heek): "Büscher Wall

In the construction industry, a general distinction is made between primary and secondary building materials, with secondary building materials originating from recycled demolition material. Currently, the consumption of primary building materials, which are extracted from nature, is high in building construction. Secondary building materials are most likely to be used in road construction and for backfilling. The goal of Betonwerk Büscher GmbH & Co. KG is the targeted return of demolition waste to the material cycle. Precast concrete parts with up to 100 percent recycled building materials enable upcycling even for high-quality structures. This can reduce the destruction of landscapes and the interference with the natural water balance in the long term. The company creates new raw material for concrete production from processed demolition material (mixed masonry and concrete demolition material) and obtained general approval and type approval from the German approval authority for this. Prefabricated elements made of this concrete are equal to traditionally produced elements and have the same technical, static and climatic properties. The prefabricated elements are suitable for load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls and are fully recyclable.

Torque control nut KRASO DKM Torque control nut KRASO DKM
© KRASO GmbH & Co. KG
KRASO GmbH & Co. KG (Rhede): "Torque control nut KRASO® DKM".

The company Kraso specialises in pressurised water-tight installation parts and sealing systems for concrete construction. The company has developed a fastening nut with which the tightening torque can be constantly limited over several installation processes. The new nut significantly simplifies the professional installation process and also reduces the risk of damage to sealing inserts, for example, by means of a special slip clutch. The aim was to find a solution that is easy to install in practice and at the same time meets the necessary installation standards. As a result, at maximum torque, the transmission of force between the threaded part and the tubular element is eliminated in the area of the slip clutch. A torque spanner is no longer necessary and the nut can be loosened and retightened several times. An audible and perceptible signal indicates when the optimum torque has been reached.

© Langguth GmbH
Langguth GmbH (Senden): "GLU|ECO®"

The GLU|ECO® innovation is a new gluing process in labelling machines. Glue is applied to single-sheet labels and glued to a wide variety of products, for example in chemical and food production. The challenge is the more difficult handling of wet glue with regard to machine cleaning. Languth GmbH's solution consists of two central ideas: The label is no longer fully glued, but only in the minimum necessary areas. In addition, a second glue circuit is introduced to keep the glue fresh at all times. As a result, 50 per cent glue can be saved. The automation of machine cleaning simplifies operation and achieves a higher level of sustainability. In this way, Languth GmbH is giving the wet glue process a higher level of competitiveness again compared to other processes.

Category Science Meets Business

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VakuSep VakuSep
© BeTeBe GmbH
BeTeBe GmbH (Vreden): "VakuSep - Filtration for suspensions containing nutrients".

The vacuum separator "VakuSep" is a compact, decentralised separation plant for processing liquid manure, digestate, sewage sludge and slaughterhouse waste. Thanks to innovative screens with special laser perforation and complex vacuum technology, it is possible to separate nutrients such as phosphorus or organic nitrogen. Due to the high quality of the separation products, the nutrients can be used as needed. Thanks to the innovative new separation technology, which works with a very low separation limit, high-quality, energy-rich feedstock for biogas plants can also be produced from agricultural fertiliser as a substrate for the provision of electrical energy and heat. Due to its modular design, this technology is accessible to all sizes of operation and the entire industry. The filtrate can be irrigated or discharged all year round.

The separation technology, was developed together with Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Energy, Buildings and Environment, in a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

MultiCheck MultiCheck
© CLK GmbH
CLK GmbH (Altenberge): "MultiCheck

In the food industry, contamination of food by foreign bodies occurs time and again, for example due to human carelessness or wear and tear on machinery. These foreign bodies pose a danger to consumers, as they can lead to dangerous internal injuries. Previous methods for detecting foreign bodies, such as metal detectors, X-rays or visual inspections, offer only limited process reliability.

With the MultiCheck system, foreign bodies (especially plastic) that were previously very difficult to detect in a flow of goods can be identified via image processing so that appropriate measures can be initiated. The system is installed in the multihead weighers widely used in the food industry and therefore does not require any separate space.
The company CLK developed the innovation together with Münster University of Applied Sciences, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

PRIMUS breakable PRIMUS breakable
© CTS GmbH
CTS GmbH (Münster, Germany): "PRIMUS breakable

The company CTS has succeeded in developing a new type of human-like crash test dummy that makes it possible to reproduce realistic collision sequences of any kind. Among other things, due to the detailed anatomy, the authentic weight distribution as well as the increased freedom of movement of the product, the dummy is extremely similar to a human being and can also be autopsied to provide previously unknown information. The main advantages of the Primus breakable are, among others, the realistic human movement behaviour, the favourable acquisition costs and the possibility to individually adapt the dummy to special purposes. In addition, it is the first dummy that can be X-rayed.

The innovation was developed in close cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Büro für Unfallrekonstruktion Berlin.

Start-up category

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hoogo flipflop nozzle hoogo flipflop nozzle
MYTEK GmbH (Emsdetten): "hoogo flipflop nozzle"

The hoogo flipflop nozzle is a hoover nozzle for all commercially available hoovers. The innovation lies in the intelligent combination of known technology into a new product that solves an old but very common "problem". The development goes back to the invention of Felix Röwekämper, who had won the regional competition "Jugend forscht" Münsterland with the prototype of the nozzle. Under the name "hoogo flipflop nozzle", the start-up company MYTEK GmbH then further developed this prototype until it was ready for the market. This hoover nozzle differs from all other commercially available nozzles in that it has two movable side wings, each of which can be swivelled by 180 degrees. The wings give way when they come into contact with objects or furniture, so that damage to the furniture can be avoided, and they automatically spring back into their original position as soon as the resistance decreases. This means that heavy furniture no longer has to be moved when cleaning the floor - regardless of whether it is hard floor or carpet - and it is also not necessary to change nozzles, which can be an enormous relief when cleaning residential and commercial premises.

ComputerMyoGraphy ComputerMyoGraphy
© Predimo GmbH
Predimo GmbH (Münster): "ComputerMyoGrafie".

Predimo GmbH has developed "ComputerMyoGrafie", a human musculoskeletal computer model in 3D that enables highly digitised movement and load analyses of the human body in motion. Captured via motion capture, ComputerMyoGrafie depicts the internal muscle and joint loads of the human body based on kinematic data. In this way, Predimo opens up a functional view into the human body and the analysis of the loads and forces acting in the body on joints and muscles in individual movement. The information gained in this way is highly relevant for the classification of functional complaints in the body. It is also essential for planning athletic training (especially in the field of high-performance and professional sports) and for preventing damage at the workplace. ComputerMyoGraphy can in fact predict which movements will individually lead to certain damages, so that late damages can be prevented during training, in rehabilitation or at the workplace by optimising movement sequences at an early stage.

FIMTable FIMTable
© qubeto GmbH
qubeto GmbH (Münster): "FIMTable, FIMTrack, FIMAnalytics and FIM.AI".

The FIMTable as well as the software elements FIMTrack and FIManalytics (with FIM.AI) have been developed through a collaboration within the WWU Münster between the departments of biology and computer science. The combination of patented imaging, experimental design and automated data analysis using AI is used to record and analyse insect behaviour. The aim of the analyses is to observe and classify the influence of agents and substances on insects. The start-up qubeto is a service laboratory with customers from research, industry and authorities. With the innovations mentioned above, customers can carry out ecotoxological studies, develop new active substances or products or predict the long-term influence of active substances introduced into nature without having to carry out animal experiments (on larger animals such as mice, etc.) in each case. This makes it possible to generate more meaningful data series and at the same time reduce the number of animal experiments overall. Qubeto can also make statements about the welfare of the surviving insects and at the same time save considerable costs and time due to the high level of automation in imaging and analysis, which is an enormous advantage for customers from industry and science.

Category Small and Smart

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EproSafe battery protection box EproSafe battery protection box
© Deutsche E-BIke Akkuservice UG
Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG (Münster): "EproSafe battery protection box".

There are more and more reports in the media that self-igniting lithium-ion batteries, especially during the charging process, cause considerable personal injury and damage to property. This problem was the starting point for the development of the "EproSafe battery protection box" by Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG. By solving the current problem of storing and charging batteries for electric mobility, the company's innovation offers the market a safe solution. The motto is: "Stay Safe - EproSafe".

One of the product's distinguishing features is that a warning signal is given when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius. Countermeasures can therefore be initiated at an early stage. In addition, the "EproSafe battery protection box" is equipped with the fire protection class F30. The innovation also has a cooling system that contributes to a longer service life of the batteries.

Co2 Indutainer IBC Co2 Indutainer IBC
© Indutainer GmbH

The new development by IDUTAINER GmbH is a foldable container system that combines the advantages of rigid containers (RIBC= Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container) with the benefits of flexible ones (FIBC Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container or Big Bag). The CO2-INDUTAINER IBC makes a valuable contribution to climate neutrality through its resource efficiency, foldability and reusability. In addition, the user experiences new possibilities for filling and emptying due to the intelligent design of the innovation. When the outer container is placed in a feather-light position, air is sucked in and the inner film positions itself independently. The company calls this process the "GEOX effect" (breathable). The innovation can be set up by one person within a few seconds without any aids. The big advantages compared to rigid containers are the saving ofCO2 emissions, the space and transport costs and the possibility of single-variety second filling without a time-consuming cleaning process.

WiLi Windows Lift WiLi Windows Lift
© Spreckelmeyer GmbH
Spreckelmeyer GmbH (Lengerich): "WiLi Windows Lift

The new development "WiLi" facilitates the transport, lifting and installation of windows and doors on construction sites. Thanks to its stable yet lightweight welded construction and the ergonomically optimally arranged operating elements, it can be easily and flexibly operated and moved by any skilled worker on construction sites via two wheels. Due to its narrow design, it fits through any standard room opening. By means of a cable winch, the windows and doors to be installed can easily be brought into the installation position. The use of this innovation makes the installation of windows and doors much faster and more efficient.

The new development has the following advantages: lifting, transport and installation work are optimised, skilled installation workers are physically relieved, the risk of accidents is reduced, the number of days of incapacity to work is reduced and musculoskeletal disorders are minimised. The new development makes a lasting contribution to workplace humanisation for the employees.

Category Digital Business Models

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easy system easy system
© apetito catering B.V. & Co. KG
apetito catering B.V. & Co. KG (Rheine): "easy system

The easy system from apetito describes a digital complete service in the catering sector - from meal planning, which is constantly being optimised with the help of artificial intelligence, and meal ordering to checkout and payment processing to the integrated feedback option. One advantage of the system is that it can be expanded by further modules in the future. The system enables optimised, sustainable and at the same time intelligent meal planning. Apetito was able to significantly improve planning and production accuracy with easy system and reduce food waste by an average of eight per cent to 42.7 grams per plate. But it also helps to avoid faulty and incorrect planning due to misjudgements, and the planning accuracy can be improved by 30 per cent through its use. This leads to a two-percent improvement in the company's merchandise utilisation.
The concrete application possibilities of the entire easy system are not only possible in the catering industry, but can also be used in independent gastronomy or in bakery chains.

BEUMER Remote Services BEUMER Remote Services
© BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG
BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG (Beckum): "BEUMER Remote Services supported by smart glasses".

The development of the BEUMER Smart Glasses enabled the BEUMER Group to further intensify and expand its service options with customers in mind. Not least during the global pandemic, Beumer succeeded in adapting its business model: With the smart glasses, it was possible to establish targeted, verbal as well as visual communication between customers on site and experts at the BEUMER Group worldwide, without having to be physically on site. The BEUMER Smart Glasses represent an enabler solution that enables BEUMER to install and commission machines and systems remotely with the help of the customer team, and also to carry out maintenance and inspections. This means that response times can be significantly reduced and plant installations and maintenance can be carried out without having to travel. Thanks to these innovative service concepts called "Remote Services", customer support and the implementation of projects could continue to be carried out with a high standard of quality even during the pandemic.

TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC) TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC)
© Cargobull Telematics GmbH
Cargobull Telematics GmbH (Münster): "TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC)".

With the "TrailerConnect® Data Management Center" (DMC), Cargobull Telematics GmbH has launched an infrastructure tool that ensures more data security and transparency in the logistics industry. With the DMC, the forwarder retains control over all of his data and can forward it to third-party systems on a tour-related basis in order to meet the requirements of his clients. Schmitz Cargobull thus manages to provide all interfaces to the necessary platforms and at the same time ensures that the data is shared in a DSGVO-compliant manner. The trailer manufacturer wants to use its TrailerConnect® trailer telematics system to create automated and seamless data transparency without forwarder having to pass on more data than necessary and program the corresponding interfaces themselves. In the DMC, the forwarder retains control over his data and can use the necessary interfaces for data forwarding.

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