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The Münsterland becomes audible: "Symphony of the Münsterland" available on CD and DVD

Which region already has its own symphony? The Münsterland region is leading the way. Composed by Dr. Volker Leiss with a love of his homeland, premiered at the Münsterland Festival with the Münster Symphony Orchestra - and now ready to conquer the living rooms of Münsterlanders: the "Münsterland Symphony" makes the Münsterland claim "MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE." audible and is now available to order online as a CD and DVD.

The story of its creation begins with composer Volker Leiss, cultural prize winner of the district of Steinfurt. He had taken the claim of the town of Steinfurt - "Symphony of the Münsterland" - literally and made a musical declaration of love for the region: a symphony of his own, Münsterland style. This is also reflected in the subtitle, for the work is composed "For orchestra and bicycle bells".
In its four movements, the symphony paints castles and palaces in front of the listener's inner eye in 20 minutes, along with the rise and fall of the textile industry, magnificent park landscapes, a Pättkestour, Westphalian peace and the city of peace, Münster.

In addition to a CD, the symphony has also been released on DVD. The latter shows a mixture of the concert recording of the premiere at the Münsterland Festival as well as shots of the Münsterland, airily accompanied by drone flights.

The CD and DVD can now be ordered online at or purchased in some selected shops of the castles and palaces in the Münsterland, including the "Büchereck am Markt" in Steinfurt-Borghorst, Steinfurt Touristik, Münster Souvenirs in Münster, Museum Abtei Liesborn in Wadersloh, Parkhotel Surenburg in Hörstel, Herrenhaus Harkotten in Sassenberg as well as Dülmen Marketing and the town of Olfen.

At it is possible to purchase the symphony as a digital HD film and as an mp3 download.

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