Coesfeld in the Münsterland
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Culture and nature in the heart of Münsterland

Cycling in Coesfeld

Hilly or flat? Cyclists ask themselves this question before their cycle tour in Coesfeld. Undulating terrain also awaits you on a cycle tour towards Nottuln, Billerbeck and Dülmen. You will be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the region. Particularly in spring, the rape seed fields here are a match for the sun. You will encounter sandstone here with almost every turn of the pedal. The sandstone route takes you to the roots of this outstanding building material.

The cycle paths run flat out into the western Münsterland. Ahaus and its picturesque moated castle and the bell museum in Gescher are great destinations for a bike tour that can be easily reached on a day trip.

Coesfeld in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland region. Coesfeld can also be reached via the practical hub system. The honeycomb system offers countless opportunities for cycling tours and circular routes through the Münsterland region.

  • Coesfeld is located on the 91 | 93 | 94 honeycombs.
  • Coesfeld railway station is located on honeycomb 94

Themed routes in Coesfeld

The most beautiful cycling tours around Coesfeld

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