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City centre of Coesfeld
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Driving on former railway lines
Münsterland Cycle Route

RadBahn Münsterland

The RadBahn Münsterland: where once dozens of trains rolled daily, today numerous cyclists are on the move. The former railway line between the lively shopping towns of Coesfeld and Rheine has been developed into a first-class cycle path. A comfortable asphalt surface with a width of three metres and a low gradient awaits you on this route. Ideal for cycling! Experience railway history and stories, the typical Münsterland park landscape and an excellent infrastructure on approx. 50 kilometres.

Experiences, history and nature galore

The route leads through the cycling regions of Baumberge and Steinfurter Land and along many picturesque places. Which direction you take is up to you. In addition to the actual tour, there are circular loops through the neighbouring villages. Railway history was also deliberately integrated into the design of the cycle path. Discover relics of railway history such as hectometer stones, signal masts or old railway stations.

Track history

The former single-track railway line Coesfeld-Rheine was built as part of the Oberhausen-Quakenbrück connection by the private Rheinische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (Rhenish Railway Company) in order to connect the Ruhr region with the North Sea via an alternative, shorter route. The line was used from 1879 for passenger and especially for freight traffic (coal and ores). In 1984, passenger traffic was discontinued, followed by freight traffic at the end of the 1990s. In 2007, the municipalities bordering the former railway line decided to buy up the old, unused railway line and convert it into a cycle path. But even today, many relics remind us of the old railway days. More information about the route is available at

Places of interest near the route

Cycling at Bentlage Monastery
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

The Ems flows picturesquely through the centre of the second largest city in Münsterland. Walking and cycling paths wind along its banks, so you'll be in the countryside in no time. But the town itself also has a lot to see with its historic town centre and the Falkenhof Museum. On the outskirts of Rheine you will also find the Bentlage recreation area with Bentlage Monastery, the Salinenpark and more.

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St. Anne Parish Church
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Neuenkirchen is a small town surrounded by greenery. Its landmark, the neo-Romanesque St. Anna parish church, is visible from afar. Those seeking recreation will find what they are looking for at the "Offlumer See", originally a quarry pond. If you are interested in the (earth) history of the village, the Pro Neuenkirchen tourist office offers a variety of tours.

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Haddorf Lakes
© Münsterland e.V./Sebastian Lehrke

Wettringen: the rivers Aa and Vechte meet here. The beautiful landscapes in Rothenberge, in the Brechte and in Haddorf offer ideal excursion destinations for tours and trips through the Münsterland. Also worth seeing are the leisure facilities at the Haddorf lakes and the "Ahlers" local history house, which is the oldest building in the village at almost 500 years old.

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Gatehouse of Steinfurt Castle
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Steinfurt is a picturesque little town. Walk through the large Bagno Park and discover the many leisure activities. The private moated castle Schloss Steinfurt welcomes you directly at the edge of the former castle park. Continue through the historic old town, which presents itself with simple but charming half-timbered houses.

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Burgmannshof in Horstmar
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With its square ground plan, Horstmar, the town of the Burgmannshöfe, is unique in Münsterland. The historic old town with six of the eight former Burgmannshöfe, the Gothic hall church and the "Old Town Hall" is ideal for long walks through the town. Not to be forgotten is Haus Alst on the outskirts of the town.

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Town hall in the centre of Laer
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Pure village idyll in Laer: with its many pättkes, the village is considered an ideal starting point for extensive cycling tours in the surrounding area. At the centre of the village hustle and bustle is the old Schulzenhof Welling - today the town hall - with its town hall square, an old granary, mill tower and spacious park and pond.

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Local history and community centre "Bahnhof Darfeld
© Münsterland e.V.

Around Rosendahl there are large areas of the charming Münsterland park landscape with forests, water and meadows. All this invites you to go hiking and cycling. In the district of Darfeld you will find, among other things, the local history and community centre "Bahnhof Darfeld", which is located directly on the cycle track. The Vechtequelle spring and the Generationenpark are also worth a visit.

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Billerbeck with a view of the cathedral
© Münsterland e.V./Sebastian Lehrke

With its historic old town and exceptional location in the middle of the Baumberge mountains, the resort town of Billerbeck has much to offer. The imposing Ludgerus Cathedral and the Romanesque St. John's Church characterise the town centre. Culture fans visit "billerbeck's BAHNHOF": a cultural centre with changing exhibitions.

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concert theatre coesfeld
© Münsterland e.V./Christoph Steinweg

The district town near the Baumberge mountains is not only known as a town of public authorities, services and shopping, but also has a wide range of art, culture and sport to offer. For example, visit the concert theatre coesfeld or the glass museum in Coesfeld-Lette.

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The Münsterland Cycle Route at a glance

  • approx. 50 km
  • Route tour
  • easy
  • signposted
  • Day tour
  • Nature and history
  • Rheine
  • Neuenkirchen
  • Wettringen
  • Steinfurt
  • Horstmar
  • Laer
  • Rosendahl
  • Billerbeck
  • Coesfeld

Good arrival

By train to the RadBahn Münsterland By train to the RadBahn Münsterland
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting

Preserve the good together! Use the train for your journey and protect the climate and the environment. In Münsterland, this often works much better than you think. Possible arrival stations are

  • Rheine
  • Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt
  • Billerbeck
  • Lutum
  • Coesfeld
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