Emsdetten in the Münsterland
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Culture and nature in harmony

The Emsdetten Fens Route

Emsdetten is the start and finish of the Vennroute. It owes its name to the Emsdettener Venn, one of the most beautiful moorland areas in Münsterland. The 34-kilometre-long Vennroute runs through moors and wet meadows, past "quarry ponds", along streams and a former canal. And all this in the "haze" of the town of Emsdetten. Along the way we meet "water whores", the "grey gravel" and other strange characters. The cycle tour is ideal for a leisurely day trip in the countryside. Numerous catering establishments along the route offer ideal conditions for extensive breaks with coffee and cake.

The cycle tour through the Emsdetten Fens at a glance

  • 35 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Nature/ Fens
  • Emsdetten
The Emsdetten Fens The Emsdetten Fens
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