Gescher in the Münsterland
© Elke Würz
Much more than church bells

Cycling in Gescher

Gescher is the gateway to the western Münsterland. The cycle paths stretch all the way to the Dutch border through an almost flat landscape. Lovely places like Südlohn, Stadtlohn or Legden are waiting to be discovered. A look across the border to the small town of Winterwijk is definitely worthwhile. A cycling tour along the Berkel offers a great nature experience. In combination with the Zwillbrocker Venn, you might even spot some flamingos in summer. Gescher is also a popular stopover for cyclists on the 100 Castles Route.

Gescher in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Gescher can also be reached via the practical junction system. With the junction system, you can easily put together your favourite route with a few numbers.

  • Gescher is located at the junctions 28 | 80 | 81
  • The district of Gescher-Hochmoor between the junctions 72 and 79.

Themed routes in Gescher

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