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Gronau town centre
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The Music City in Münsterland

Cycling in Gronau

Gradients are a rarity on the cycle paths around Gronau. Instead, cycling is a very relaxed experience. Beneath the broad horizon, the park landscape of Münsterland presents itself from its most beautiful side. Old moorlands divide the landscape with fields and numerous watercourses. If you follow the rivers and streams by bike, you will almost inevitably cross the border to the Netherlands. There are no longer any barriers here, so you can only tell by the signposting and the shops that you can cycle without borders in Gronau. So it's no wonder that Enschede is a popular destination. The cycle paths lead you to real historical "treasures" such as Haus Welbergen or the unique hilltop castle of Bad Bentheim.

Gronau in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland region. Gronau can also be reached via the practical junction system. With the junction system, you can easily put together your favourite route with a few numbers.

  • Gronau lies at junction 87
  • The district of Gronau-Epe is located near junctions 34 and 47.

Themed routes in Gronau

The most beautiful cycling tours around Gronau

The Amtsvenn is a protected area of about 330 hectares in size. The Amtsvenn is a protected area of about 330 hectares in size.
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