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The flower city in Münsterland


Legden, the dahlia and leisure village, and Asbeck, the abbey village in the beautiful Münsterland, invite you to have fun and relax. Close to the border with our friendly neighbours in the Netherlands, discover the two villages with their high leisure and recreational value.

Attractive for groups and for those seeking peace and quiet

Legden is an ideal starting point for a tour of several days in the western Münsterland. But there is also a lot going on in the villages themselves: How about a club retreat to the leisure village of Legden with your skittles club, regulars' table or your circle of friends? Or experience the Dahlia Children's Flower Parade, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the Dahlia Village Legden every three years. Also worth seeing: the monastery village of Asbeck with its many preserved or restored buildings.

Cycling tours with little traps

Excursions to Ahaus, the bell museum in Gescher or the glass museum in Coesfeld should also be on your holiday programme. Many sights can be easily reached on enjoyable day cycling tours. But beware, many a guest has forgotten the time in the numerous beer gardens and farm cafés along the way.

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Places of interest in and around Legden

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