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The garden at the von Hülst house
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A gem in the heart of Legden
House of Hülst

The secular listed Haus von Hülst is located in the middle of the picturesque West Münsterland municipality of Legden. The baroque ornamentation and well-kept walls of brick and sandstone make it a jewel of the village.

New in an old guise

Concealing its true age, the bricks of the chic town house rest on a sandstone base from the 14th century. It was not until 1677 that the building took on its present form. Initially known as the "Vogtshaus" (bailiff's house), it served as a living and administrative space for the bailiffs of the Prince-Bishop of Münster and the Asbeck Ladies' Convent. The property with the magnificently decorated gable was extended by a garden and an outbuilding in half-timbered style. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that the single-storey building was given the title "Haus von Hülst" by the family of the same name. This family lived in and operated the property as the official residence of the municipality for another 150 years. Due to severe decay, the house, which is now privately owned, was thoroughly renovated in 1988 and energy-saving measures were taken in 2012.

Listening Journey | Haus von Hülst

Today, the owner Cornelius von Ingersleben, himself an architect, opens the doors for you and takes you on an exciting ride through the (re)construction history. Heinz Kroschner and Karl-Heinz Otto from the Legden local history society contribute anecdotes and stories from the village's history and their own childhood to make this audio journey something very special.

Map | House of Hülst

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House of Hülst

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4 Tips for the House of Hülst

  • Worth seeing: unique in the region is the Dahlia Festival with its flower parade. Every three years, Legden is transformed into a place of fairytale flower dreams. The dahlia garden is only a few metres away.
  • All around, the Münsterland region beckons with its vast landscapes and impressive cycle routes such as the 100 Castles Route.
  • Asbeck Abbey attracts visitors from all over Münsterland with its historic cloister and interesting exhibition.
  • The cycle tour "One highlight after the other" takes you on 50 km to the historical highlights around Legden.

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