Stadtlohn in the Münsterland
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Cycling in Stadtlohn

Within sight of the Dutch border, it's a great place to cycle. Nature plays the main role. On the cycle paths, which are free of inclines throughout, you cross fields and meadows that are repeatedly criss-crossed by small watercourses. Following the course of the Berkel, the path leads to Vreden. The "kult" is a new cultural centre for the region that you should definitely visit. Only a few kilometres further on, the Zwillbrocker Venn nature reserve beckons. In summer you can observe the world's northernmost flamingo colony here.

Of course, you should take a look across the border, which you won't even notice at first during your cycle tour. But by the time you reach the first village on the Dutch side, the language, shops and streetscape have changed unmistakably. A visit to Winterwijk on market day is particularly appealing.

Stadtlohn in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Stadtlohn can also be reached via the practical hub system. The honeycomb system offers countless possibilities for cycling tours and circuits through the Münsterland.

  • Stadtlohn lies in the honeycombs 57 | 87 | 88| 195
  • The district of Stadtlohn-Büren lies in the honeycombs 58 | 86

Themed routes in Stadtlohn

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