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Sim-Jü in Werne
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Pleasure with a great tradition

Sim-Jü in Werne

As the oldest open-air market in Westphalia, the town of Werne celebrates the Sim-Jü from 22 - 25 October 2022, the largest public festival on the river Lippe. Every year on the fourth weekend in October, several hundred thousand visitors flock to the town to take part in the funfair hustle and bustle. The whole of Werne is transformed into a sea of stalls and lights, permeated by the delicious smell of almonds, hearty food and exotic delicacies. Moreover, the range of rides, amusements, sales and games is a good reason to visit the fair at least once. Children and families in particular are thrilled by the variety of programmes and offers during the four colourful days. There is also a trade show on all days. A brilliant fireworks display on Monday evening and the popular market and livestock fair on Tuesday round off the traditional funfair. On Sim-Jü Sunday, the shops will also be open for business from 1 to 6 pm.

Pleasure with a view to a long tradition

Whereas in the past it was traders, jugglers and comedians who moved into the town of Werne, today there are more than 200 shops of all kinds. Modern large-scale attractions, but also nostalgic and lovingly prepared smaller carousels and snack stalls invite visitors to celebrate the 657th anniversary of the fair in 2019. The festival has its written origins in 1362, when the Bishop of Münster granted the townspeople the right to celebrate Simon and Judah once a year. Since then, the festival has been affectionately called Sim-Jü and is always held on this date in the city centre.

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