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© Stadt Borken / Raimund Weber
With the paddle through picturesque landscapes
Canoe women on the Bocholter Aa

Canoe tours on the Bocholter Aa

The Bocholter Aa runs from Velen via Rhede, Bocholt and Isselburg to the Netherlands. Beyond the border, the Bocholter Aa flows into the Issel. The Bocholter Aa can already be navigated by canoe in the Rhede town area. At the Krechting barrage, a transfer is necessary. After that, however, the path along the leisurely flowing Bocholter Aa is clear all the way to Bocholt. There are also several weirs in the town of Bocholt. Outside the towns, the Bocholter Aa runs through the lovely western Münsterland. Framed by the gentle landscape, it flows leisurely westwards. Via Isselburg, the canoe tours lead across the border into the Netherlands. A truly boundless canoeing pleasure - even for beginners.

Places of entry on the Bocholter Aa


You will immediately feel at home in this small town. The heart of the town beats around the mighty church. The moated castle and the medicine and pharmacy museum are only a few metres away. A nice opportunity to end the day together in the shade of the church. The boarding point is south of the city centre.

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The Aasee in Bocholt
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The largest town in the western Münsterland is not only an excellent shopping town, but also offers a very high recreational value. The Bocholter Aa flows right through the middle of the city, where there is also an embarkation point. If you can still find some time, you should definitely visit the Textile Museum in Bocholt.

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In the far west, directly on the Dutch border, greets the small town of Isselburg. The town is known above all for its impressive moated castle, which you should not miss visiting. A walk through the park or Anholter Schweiz is also worthwhile. The Bocholter Aa runs north of the village and has two entry points. The entry point at the Brüggenhütte is directly on the border.

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Insider tip

The Bocholter Aa The Bocholter Aa
© Stadt Borken / Raimund Weber
Cycling along the Bocholter Aa

The Bocholter Aa is not only excellent to explore by canoe, cyclists can also get very close to the river on a bike tour. The signposted Bocholter Aa cycle path leads over 58 kilometres from Velen via Borken and Rhede to Bocholt and on to Isselburg. Along the way, you will not only be accompanied by the vast landscape of the western Münsterland, but also by beautiful castles. The cycle path is part of the Flüsselandschaft, in which four rivers are connected by a 480-kilometre cycle path.

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