Teutoschleife Tecklenburger Romantik | Hiking Trail in Münsterland
House Marck in Tecklenburg
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From the Witch's Path to the Old Town
Teuto Loop Tecklenburg Romanticism

Teuto Loop Tecklenburg Romanticism

The Teutoschleife Tecklenburger Romantik comprises historically significant attractions in charming interplay with nature experiences over 6.2 kilometres. The hiking trail starts mystically: a narrow stairway leads to the "Hexenküche" rock formation. According to legend, witches brewed their magic potions here, especially on Walpurgis Night.

You continue your hike along the Witches' Trail through the Teutoburg Forest towards the west - until you reach Haus Hülshoff. Just a stone's throw away is a technical cultural monument worth seeing: the "Old Sawmill". On your way, you will pass the enchanting moated castle Haus Marck and the Königsee pond.

The historic old town of Tecklenburg is also romantic. Winding alleys and staircases lead up and down: to the market square and Otto Modersohn Museum, to the Protestant church and into the beautifully landscaped spa gardens. The tour ends with a breathtaking view from the Wier Tower. The climb is worth it!

Diversion at Haus Hülshoff

Unfortunately, a section of the Teutostadtschleife Tecklenburger Romantik at Haus Hülshoff is closed until further notice. A corresponding diversions is signposted.

Teuto Loop Tecklenburg Romanticism at a glance

  • 6.2 km
  • Circuit
  • medium
  • 195 m
  • 82 m
  • signposted
  • approx. 2 hours
  • Nature/Old Town
  • Car park Burgberg
  • Tecklenburg

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