Teutoschleife Holperdorper | Hiking Trail in Münsterland
© Rudi Schubert
Through rolling hills and deep forests
Teuto Loop Holperdorper

Teuto Loop Holperdorper

The Teutoschleife Holperdorper is the ideal hiking trail for nature lovers. The trail is quite sporty, stretching from the village of Lienen over 13 km through the Teutoburg Forest hills to the picturesque Holperdorper Valley. At first, the trail leads along the foot of the mountain range, accompanied by fields and forests. After just a few minutes' walk, you reach a small waterfall, which is rather untypical for the Münsterland. After a small wooded area, the landscape opens up once again. A nice opportunity to let your gaze glide over the rural landscape.

The forest canopy clos es over you at the latest with the first climbs. Passing the Brüggelieth spring, you reach the viewing platform at the edge of the large limestone quarry above Lienen. Just a few metres further on, the beautiful Holperdorper Tal valley lies before you. You hike in a loop along the northern slope of the valley. You can't miss the striking rocks of the Duvensteine. After crossing the valley to the south, it becomes wooded again on the last section. A beautiful setting for a rest in the Malepartus forest inn. Elated by the wonderful atmosphere, the last metres of the hiking trail fly by.

The Teuto Loop Holperdorper at a glance

  • 13 km
  • Circuit
  • 392 m
  • signposted
  • approx. 4.5 hours
  • Nature
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Lienen

Map | Teuto Loop Holperdorper

Teuto Loop Holperdorper Insider Tip

Wellness for the feet - the barefoot park in Lienen Wellness for the feet - the barefoot park in Lienen
© Gemeinde Lienen
With the feet in the cool water

You can really relax after the hike in the barefoot park in Lienen. The 1 km long path leads in a circular route through a stream and a wet meadow with various subsoils. Pebbles, mulch, sand and limestone sharpen the senses and act like a little wellness massage. The barefoot bark is open from 01 May to 31 October from sunrise to sunset.

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