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A diverse landscape, historic village settings and pure variety for hikers, cyclists and horse riders - that's what makes Lienen so lovable. In addition, there is the very beautiful location at the transition from the Münsterland to the Teutoburg Forest.

Paradise for riders and Nordic walkers

Horse fans will go into raptures in Lienen: the noble four-legged friends are everywhere. Horse breeding, riding and driving are the hobbyhorses of the state-recognised resort town of Lienen. Hiking riders will find numerous opportunities for extended rides on the Münsterland riding route. Lovers of old technology are also in the right place here: a ride on a historic steam locomotive. Active people will enjoy North Germany's largest Nordic Walking Park "Tecklenburger Land". Numerous routes of varying degrees of difficulty invite passionate walkers as well as beginners.

Hiking - with or without shoes

Cycling tours through the wide plains of the Münsterland park landscape or in the Holperdorper Tal valley with its gently rolling hills are delightful. Why not hike along the paths of the historic Hermannsweg through the Tecklenburger Land or discover the Lienen Barefoot Park right in the beautiful town centre.

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Teuto Loop Holperdorper Teuto Loop Holperdorper
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On gentle hills and through deep forests
Teuto Loop Holperdorper
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