Münster Castle in Münsterland
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Münster Castle

Cycling at Münster Castle

Münster Castle is the perfect starting point for cycling tours into Münsterland. The "Pormenade", Münster's green old town ring, leads directly past the castle. All the themed routes that run through Münster can be reached via the promenade. So you can cycle in complete relaxation on the 100 Castles Route or the R1 European Cycle Route. Wonderful destinations for a day trip by bike are Haus Rüschhaus and Hülshoff Castle near Havixbeck. You can also combine both of these sightseeing attractions in an excellent cycling tour.

Münster Castle in the Münsterland Cycling Region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland region. Münster Castle can also be reached via the practical hub system. The hub system offers countless possibilities for cycling tours and circuits through Münsterland.

  • Münster Castle is located in honeycomb 114
  • Münster Castle is in the immediate vicinity of the Promenade
  • Distance Prinzipalmarkt 1.2 km

Themed routes at Münster Castle

Day tour from Münster Castle

The cycle tour starts directly at Münster Castle. The surroundings soon become more rural and Haus Rüschhaus with its no park comes into view. The cycle path leads to the imposing Hülshoff Castle with almost no inclines. The park is one of the most beautiful in Münsterland. From spring to autumn, the park is always changing its appearance. Sometimes abundantly flowering, sometimes deep green with shady passages, and in the autumn, glowing in the most beautiful autumn colours. The café in the castle is an ideal place to take a break, but the large lawns also invite you to have a cosy picnic. Surrounded by the greenery of the Münsterland, Tilbeck Abbey is the next stop on the cycle tour. The 2.5 km long barefoot walk is a wonderful sensory experience. Within sight of Münster city centre, the open-air museum at the Mühlenhof awaits you. Here you can experience the "old" Münsterland with historic buildings and lots of information about the Münsterland way of life.

Tip: Behind Münster Castle is the city's botanical garden. An oasis of peace with impressive plants and flowers.

The daily route from Münster Castle at a glance

  • 43 km
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Castle/Nature/Family
  • Münster
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