Westerwinkel Castle | Place of interest in Münsterland
Westerwinkel Castle in Münsterland
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A great treasure behind high forests
Westerwinkel Castle

Westerwinkel Castle

Schloss Westerwinkel near Ascheberg offers an exceptionally high recreational value. The Westerwinkel Golf Club is located right next to Westerwinkel Castle , the 100 Castles Route takes cyclists right up to the castle and the Way of St. James is very popular with hikers.

Baroque castle in the heart of Münsterland

Westerwinkel Castle is one of the earliest baroque castles in Westphalia. The closed four-winged complex was built in the middle of the 17th century. The castle changed hands several times. It came into the possession of the present lords of Westerwinkel, the Counts of Merveldt, in 1555 when Herman von Merveldt married Ursula von Diepenbrock, heiress daughter of Westerwinkel.

The castle was built in the middle of an English garden. It is a complex of moats whose origins can be traced to the early Baroque style and whose principles correspond to the moats of the castle in the Middle Ages. However, the moats were not dug for defensive purposes, as this system of defence was already obsolete at the time, but with an architectural objective that is representative of the Baroque style.

The entire complex extends over two rectangular islands, the buildings are on the eastern island, the garden is on the western island. Very striking are the different perspectives on the palace when walking around the historic complex.

Westerwinkel Castle under the magnifying glass

  • The exterior of the castle is accessible at all times.
  • The interior can be visited as part of a guided tour for 8 people or more with advance reservation. The castle is one of the few properties with such a complete and authentic interior: from the wall panelling to the furniture - here you get a real castle feeling! Contact the castle administration: 02599-98878

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Service & Offers

  • Park at the house
  • Outdoor
  • 100 Castles Route

Prices for guided tours at Westerwinkel Castle

  • normal, adults:
    4,00 €
  • Children:
    2,00 €

Prices per person for a group size of at least 8 people.

Westerwinkel Castle Westerwinkel Castle
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting
On the trail of great architecture
100 Castles Route
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  • Spend relaxing moments in the golf café "Hugo am Schloss". It is located very close to the castle. Enjoy a drink after a bike ride or lunch here.
  • Combine your visit with a trip to Nordkirchen Castle. It is not called the "Westphalian Versailles" for nothing.
  • Enjoy the blossoming of the fruit trees in springtime. Then the avenues turn into a pink dream.
  • Turn your stay into a short holiday with a day trip to Münster. The university city and largest city in the Münsterland region has a lot to offer.

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