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Kategorien der Schlösser und Burgen im Münsterland
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Colourful experience

In order not to lose track of the many large and small gems, we have divided our castles and palaces into four categories for you. In addition to the highlights (yellow), the region also offers the worth seeing (orange), the nature-loving (green) and the private (blue). Find out more about the categories here:

Yellow Category | The Highlights

Our yellow highlights have prepared perfectly for visitors. Those who are curious and want to dive deep into the history of the castles can visit exciting museums in almost all the houses. The age of chivalry and the landed gentry come alive again here. A good alternative is the wealth of well-prepared information on panels or in brochures, which can be found at almost all the estates. In addition, you can reach the yellow castles easily and uncomplicatedly, there are enough parking spaces, lockers and a colourful programme of events. No wishes remain unfulfilled here!

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Once you've explored a yellow castle from top to bottom, you'll be hungry! It's a good thing that there is often a gastronomic offer on the grounds of our highlight castles - from the Vischering cake to the packed picnic basket to the knight's plate, everything is on offer! And if you can't find what you're looking for on the menu, you can almost always make a quick detour to the nearby village centre and enjoy yourself there. And here and there you can take home a little delicacy from the castle shop.

Highlight: Nordkirchen Castle Highlight: Nordkirchen Castle
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Orange Category | The Worth Seeing

If you are interested in culture and history, but are also not averse to a picnic in the park, the orange castles are just the right choice. These castles, monasteries and manor houses in Münsterland fulfil the optimal conditions for an eventful excursion. The estates are open at certain times. You can also book a guided tour with little effort as well as at short notice.

Cycling shorts are also welcome

Whether you arrive by bike or by car, these castles are prepared for you. For example, the properties include public parking within walking distance, and some even have e-bike charging stations. Information boards and appropriate material show you the way to your destination: be it a visit to a gastronomic offer or a rest in the park with appealing seating.

Events for every taste

Are you interested in concerts, exhibitions or other events? These castles offer an interesting and varied programme of events that will amaze both the young and the older generation.

Worth seeing - Raesfeld Castle Worth seeing - Raesfeld Castle
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Green Category | The Nature Lovers

Even though only some of these castles can be visited inside by appointment, they are all eye-catching from the outside! If you are travelling with a group, you can also request a guided tour of individual houses. Here you will learn more interesting stories and facts about the property. Do you have a little more time? Then why not visit one or other of the houses as part of an event? Whether it's an art exhibition, a theme market or a concert - there's sure to be an exciting event for you too.

A hotspot for nature lovers

Before or after your visit to the castle grounds, you should definitely explore the surroundings of these buildings. It's not for nothing that the houses are called "the naturelovers". Here you will find spacious parks, idyllic gardens, green meadows and forests or even entire nature reserves. Many of the publicly accessible facilities are ideal for a bike ride, a walk, forest bathing, an interesting photo opportunity or a cosy picnic. If you prefer to sit on a chair or bench instead of a picnic blanket, you will find appealing seating in the vicinity of the estates and also usually a gastronomic offer nearby.

Haus Welbergen in Ochtrup Haus Welbergen in Ochtrup
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Castles and fortresses
The nature lovers
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Blue Category | Private Castles and Palaces

Münsterland is like a treasure chest full of magnificent buildings. Around 100 noble houses can be found here, each more beautiful than the next. Their history of origin goes far back into the High Middle Ages - when the Münsterland was still the secular domain of the Münster bishops. Until...

A contested region

In the individual communities, the prince-bishopric was represented by the nobility. Not infrequently, their territorial claims collided with those of the prince-bishops. The clergy's solution: the hereditary bishops. Now the "first-class citizens", consisting of influential people in the town, were supposed to support and represent the bishops. Actually. For the hereditary families also coveted the title of nobility - and succeeded.

Princely living

As the number of noble families grew, so did the number of castles and palaces. To this day, some of these estates belong to the descendants of those noble families, who often also reside there. You cannot visit these private houses inside, but you can admire them from a distance.

Havixbeck Castle is privately inhabited Havixbeck Castle is privately inhabited
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting
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