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Münter sewage farm
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Münster sewage farm

Münster sewage farm

A nature reserve very close to the city centre: in Münster this is possible - with the Rieselfeldern, which are only six kilometres north of the city centre. Reservoir ponds and wet grassland alternate with willows and avenues of fruit trees; very different birds have found a home here where they can breed and live in protection. This is a wonderful place to take a walk, enjoy the peace and quiet or watch birds.

Originally, the sewage fields were used to dispose of Münster's wastewater: from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century, this was piped onto the fields and treated there with the help of trickling technology. Over the decades, the enormous increase in the city's population ensured that the sewage fields could no longer fulfil their original function and were continuously covered with water. After various uses, a recreational area covering a good 230 hectares was created, which is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. A nature trail, several observation huts, an observation tower and the Biological Station, which has plenty of information material available, offer visitors recreation, nature experiences and interesting facts in equal measure.

On the trail of nature

Tall reeds surround many water bodies in the Rieselfelder. They offer the animals protection and tranquillity. Nevertheless, you can experience the nature of the Rieselfelder up close. Numerous observation points with lots of interesting information offer an impressive insight. The panorama from the large observation tower is spectacular. Many a visitor has lost track of time here. Storks and Heck cattle are frequent companions on your way. You can get a lot of information about the Rieselfelder at the Biological Station.

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Through the green labyrinth

The "reed nature trail" leads you on a short, winding circular path through small tunnels of reeds to another beautiful vantage point at the small reservoir. Information boards surprise you with lots of interesting information about the reeds and their inhabitants.

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