The Rieselfelder on the cycle tour from Telgte to Greven
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From Telgte to the Rieselfelder fields

From Telgte to the Rieselfelder fields

The cycle tour leads from the picturesque old town of Telgte northwards along the excellent Ems cycle path. The landscape quickly becomes very rural and the cycle tour leads along the Ems again and again. After a while you reach the charming village of Gimbte. This part of Greven looks like something out of a picture book. Half-timbered houses and well-tended front gardens line the paths to the centre of the village - just right for an extended break on this day's tour.

On the way back, too, the landscape is dominated by the Werse river. The blue ribbon winds its way through the gentle landscape in wide curves. The highlight of the cycle tour is the Rieselfelder (sewage fields) north of Münster. The nature reserve with its numerous wetlands offers wonderful photo motifs and is an important nature reserve. It is worth stopping at one of the numerous observation points to listen to the countless water birds.

The cycle tour to the Rieselfelder fields at a glance

  • 45 km
  • Circuit
  • medium
  • Day trip
  • Nature/ Rivers
  • Telgte
  • Münster
  • Gimbte
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