The Steverauen in Olfen
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Steverauen Olfen

Steverauen Olfen

In the meantime, man only plays a minor role here. The floodplains of the Stever have been transformed from agriculturally used areas into a dreamlike natural space. Today, the river can once again find its natural path and flood the surrounding area without damage. The inhabitants of the Stever floodplains are also their greatest secret of success. After the renaturation of the Stever, Heck cattle and Konik horses moved into the area. Together with Poitou and Catalan giant donkeys, they graze the banks of the Stever and thus shape the appearance of the floodplain landscape. In the interplay of water and animals, the landscape develops its very own dynamics that are subject to constant change. Many other animal species have long since discovered the Stever floodplains as a habitat. These include the white storks that have become native to the area.

Exciting experiences in a gentle landscape

For all their beauty, the Steverauen are a sensitive ecosystem. Visitors here are above all observers of an environment less and less touched by humans. But the deceleration will definitely be fun for you and holds plenty of excitement in store. On the 8-kilometre-long cycling and hiking trail around the floodplains, giant donkeys and Konik horses will amaze you, storks will surprise you and the wild cattle will radiate a wonderful calm. Numerous information boards tell about the history, the inhabitants and the future of the area. An excursion that will also delight children.

Listen in! Podcast "So oder so" | The Steverauen in Olfen

"SO OR SO - your Münsterland". With this podcast from Germany's most beautiful region, you will experience a short acoustic excursion on the Steverauen. Come along and learn more about a piece of untouched nature and the raft trip on the "Antonia". Here the Steverauen show their most beautiful side: grazing horses and cattle, Canadian goose colonies, kingfishers and storks. But architecture is not neglected either: the sight of the three-arch bridge "Alte Fahrt" is a real experience.

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