Steveraue Olfen | Picnic Area in Münsterland
Picnic with a view in the Steveraue Olfen
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Picnic area Steveraue Olfen
with storks and donkeys

Picnic area Steveraue Olfen

Undisturbed enjoyment - for people and animals. In the Steverauen, visitors can enjoy 120 hectares of pure nature, which year after year transforms more and more into a pristine floodplain landscape. Storks, kingfishers, wild geese, sand martins, herons and donkeys have discovered the floodplain in Olfen for themselves. Watching the storks nesting and having a picnic - a great nature experience! And it's not just the wildlife that has taken to the Stever floodplain as a special place for itself. More and more visitors are finding their way to the Stever floodplain, which offers completely new views of flora and fauna, historic buildings and also modern, unusual architectural botany every day and in every season. The picnic area with two wooden seating areas and information boards is located directly in the Stever floodplain. Grab your picnic basket and go on a voyage of discovery. Enjoy the spring-like temperatures and the chirping of the various bird species. Afterwards you can "work off" your picnic - on a hike, by bike, by canoe or by raft.

Special leisure tip: The Steverland Route, a family cycle path in Münsterland. Young and old can explore the secrets of the Stever together. On the "SteverLandRoute" you can learn about the history of the Stever and its importance as a habitat at interactive stations.

Information boards and brochures, viewing platforms and places to stop for refreshments round off your "Steveraue experience day".

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Steveraue Olfen Experience Steveraue Olfen Experience
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In the Selken 55

59399 Olfen

Accessibility & Parking

Very easy to reach on foot or by bicycle via the cycle and hiking routes. There is a large car park directly at the adjacent cemetery. The picnic area with a wooden seating area and information boards is located directly in the Stever floodplain. Here you can easily observe storks and other animals.

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